E is for Emergency Vehicles 

The Robot absolutely loves vehicles. All of them, cars, trains, bin lorries, post vans, you name them he loves them! There is one thing though that gets him every time. Emergency vehicles.  They’re the best.  I don’t think he really understands the severity of them yet, that they’re normally heading to rescue someone.  Real life is not Ponty Pandy.

Never the less he loves them. Spots them outside, hears them inside. Knows the difference between the different sirens. If he’s lucky when they drive by us in the street he gets a wave. Friendly police men have set the lights flashing for him. It seems they know how kids love them too!!

robot and family sat in the back of a polic van
The Robot not actually happy about being in a police van!!

As ever I like to fuel obsession when we play together so I decided to create a couple of emergency vehicle themed activities.

Emergency vehicle Tuff Spot

We love our small world play and the Robot is starting to enjoy this more and more.  As a simple activity I set up a scene of an accident with his very at hand emergency vehicles.

robot playing with oats and emergency vehicles in his tuff spot
With some oats spread around, tinfoil for a lake it was very simple to create.  It gave the Robot some good play time rescuing the vehicles and then playing with his oat and then diggers.

Emergency Vehicle Puzzle

I’ve been meaning to have a go at making my own puzzles for a while now and figured this was a good opportunity.  Firstly I printed out 4 pictures of emergency vehicles. This is an activity in itself as the Robot loves helping with the printer.

an ambulance, fire engine, police car and life boat printed out onto paper

You then need some large lolly pop crafting sticks. I had loads leftover from when I made … cut out the pictures of the vehicles. Put glue on the back of the paper then carefully line up the sticks on top.

lolly pop sticks sticking onto the back of the print outs

Leave this to dry solid. I decided to make mine double sided so I repeated the gluing with the first pictures still attached on the back. Once both dry it’s time to cut them apart.  With a sharp knife or scissors very carefully cut down each side to separate the sticks.

lolly pop puzzle all mixed up

It’s then time to play.  I deliberately choose contrasting emergency vehicles for this so it’s easier to work out which way the sticks go up.  It took the Robot a few minutes to work out it’s a puzzle.  Working together we managed to solve it!

the fire engine all lined up!

There you have it 2 very simple activities for your emergency vehicle loving kids.  Hope you enjoy, if you have any other ideas then please let me know?

This is part of the ABC123Challenge:

The letter E on a Blue dice for the abc123challenge


  1. You’re such a good egg Karen. How cool he knows the difference between sirens. I don’t think I even know that! My two do like emergency vehicle though although I think Z is a little scared of policemen! #familyfun

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