Dos and Don’ts of Your Summer Holiday with Children – A Guest Post

I’d like to introduce you to Zara Lewis. She is a Mum of three: two kids and a puppy, a designer and freelance writer. She is passionate about traveling, hiking, cycling and yoga and loves to write about things that are part of my life that inspire her, mostly parenting.  She has kindly written a short guide to some Do’s and Don’ts for your Summer holidays:

Summer is finally here and you are probably looking forward to your family holiday, right? If that is so, stay with us. Vacations with your kids can often be extremely challenging since coming up with all kinds of different activities can get very stressful and almost impossible to accomplish. However, don’t be desperate! Here are dos and don’ts of your summer holiday with children, so check them out.

Get them off electronics

little girl fishing in a pond

Online activities and video games are surely more exciting than spending time outside, however, you should get your kids off electronics while on vacation. Just make sure that you are not too rough when it comes to this issue – don’t take away your kids’ technology. Instead, add some interesting outdoor activities to their everyday routines and you will see an instant improvement. These are much healthier and fulfilling, so do research on some unusual hobbies that include wild animals, fish, or some natural wonders, and go for them. Your kids will love that!

Go hiking

Dave with Robot on his back, both smiling. The Robot has his cute blue new sun hat on.

Hiking is one of the most popular family activities while on holiday, so plan on a perfect route that won’t be too exhausting for your kids. Just keep it easy and make sure that your hike is not too long or too strenuous – this may discourage your little ones. Of course, don’t forget to bring their favourite sweets and healthy snacks that will immediately boost their mood and energy levels. You can even take this experience to a new level by choosing a setting that features some unusual landmarks, such as streams, waterfalls, or lakes.

Don’t let them get bored

It’s well-known that kids can easily get bored, so you should plan on a set of activities which won’t let that happen. Be wise and always have an ace up your sleeve – some additional activities that you will pull off like a boss as soon as they start whining. No matter if you decide to take them to a sightseeing tour on foot, or to a trip to a local zoo – it is essential that their day is filled with different adventures that will keep them attentive.

Water sports are a must

Two Toy frogs in the water

Is there anything better than water sports when it comes to hot summer days? We don’t think so! Swimming, surfing, kayaking, or even parasailing – possibilities are truly infinite. All you have to do is to slip into your most comfortable one piece swimwear and enjoy the waves together with your kids! If they still haven’t mastered swimming – it’s perfect time to get that done. On the other hand, if they would like to try something new, you can always rent a surfboard and go for a new adventure. Kids absolutely love water, and such kind of vacation will surely put a smile on their faces!

Summer arts and crafts

Girl focusing on some Arts and Craft

If your children love being crafty, you can always organise DIY projects to keep them interested while on holiday. Plan them in advance and bring enough paper (both white and coloured), acrylic paint, crayons, brushes, buttons and beads, glue, and much more, so that you can keep your little ones interested wherever you go. Such projects are very useful for them, especially when it comes to small children, since they help in developing fine motor skills. As for slightly older children, they will create masterpieces which will always remind them of their perfect holiday. You certainly won’t make a mistake with this activity!
Image source: Flickr

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to keep your kids active during your summer holiday. All you have to do is to make sure that there are different activities available for them, so that they can’t get bored at any moment. Of course, you should be involved into those activities, too. Remember that only the time you spend together counts and makes the most significant memories!








  1. Kat

    Some really great tips here! We always travel with my daughter’s leap pad but she rarely uses it when we’re on holiday, very handy for traveling to and from though, but she’d prefer to draw! We are off in August and planning a few hikes ourselves! #abrandnewday
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