Don’t Touch Me and The Many Reasons I Don’t Like Sharing a Bed

This blog post could have many different titles but don’t touch me seemed the most appropriate.  I don’t share a bed well.  I’m currently laying awake next to a sleeping toddler, it’s hot, I’m uncomfortable and he’s touching me!!

Infact he’s more laying on me. I’ve pushed him to the other side of the bed more than once but yet still somehow sleep wriggles back to me in an instant. I must be a magnet or just darn amazing. 

So, I could have written the title as: Why I Hate Co-Sleeping, or something like that but felt it was a tad click baity.  I by no means disagree with safe co-sleeping with kids in the bed. I’ve very good friends that co-sleep. I’ve had the Robot in bed with me when he was younger. 

I’m very thankful that he’s pretty good now and sleeps all night in his own cot and doesn’t bother me.  Still in the cot, I do worry what the transition to bed will be like. I’m sure I’ll find out when baby number 2 needs it!  

This doesn’t explain why the heck he’s touching, sorry laying, on me now! It’s 22:22 for blimey sake! It’s bedtime, way past bedtime… We’re on holiday, a mini holiday, just us visiting the parent called Dad. 

Dave is away too so it’s just me and the Robot sharing a double bed. Did I mention it’s hot? Well my son is hot too. Doesn’t make sleep work for me, whereas last week I wrote I Can’t Sleep With Cold Feet, I can’t sleep when I’m really hot, sweaty and clammy.  

This is also not a good name for a blog post. I wouldn’t click on something really hot, sweaty and clammy. Unless you’re into that it just doesn’t work!

So, we’ve passed on co-sleeping and dodgy, why have I gone for point blank I just don’t like sharing a bed? 

Easy, apart from liking my space, I like it quiet, I like it straight, I don’t want to be uncomfortable, I want as much of the cover as deemed necessary that night. I just like sleep! All parents like sleep.

Thankfully, yes I’m thankful again, Dave feels the same if not worse and although we share a bed there are some perks… 

  • It’s king size 
  • Dave tends to sleep upside down
  • He showers before bed, his feet don’t smell 
  • If he snores I can’t hear him
  • If I snore, let’s face it I do, he wears ear plugs so can’t hear me
  • If the Robot wakes he doesn’t wake up, again the ear plug thing
  • Being upside down means I get 2 thirds of the bed to myself, feet take up less room
  • We both kinda sleep with our feet out so double bonus on duvet time.

There is just the one moan about him sleeping though and it’s his cycle legs. Every now and then he’ll dream something that makes his legs move up and down. Sliding on the bed covers. It’s so annoying I have to stop it when he’s going fast!!

Let’s go forward to now though and look at what I’m hating about sharing a bed with my son. 

  • He’s laying on top of me
  • It’s hot
  • The bed is a double, or queen, but definitely smaller than a king.
  • I can hear him snoring, he’s under 2, he shouldn’t snore!! 
  • He moves a lot, he’s tiny
  • Moving him just makes him move closer 
  • He’s really hot
  • The closer you get to the 4am dawn the more I worry he’ll wake up.

Gosh please don’t wake up before 6am!!  I’ve not got the luxury of black out blinds so I’m relying on the fact you stayed up past 10pm so you sleep till 7am.

When on holiday…

For now though I’m going to go pee and then work out how to deal with this:

Robot is asleep in the middle of the bed
Yes my Robot son is wearing Robot pyjamas

I’ll be finding a way to sleep like a match stick. Good night everyone, however you sleep at night, I wish for you to sleep well.


  1. I quite like co-sleeping most of the time, unless the girls end up taking too much space! I can completely understand why people don’t like it especially if you really like your own space when it comes to going to sleep. The sleeping upside down made me giggle – I couldn’t imagine trying to sleep like that with my hubby. Sophie quite likes to sleep across the end of our bed though – it feels a bit like having a cat there! 🙂 #familyfunlinky
    Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love) recently posted…#30DaysWild – Creating nature fairy wandsMy Profile

  2. I’m a big fan of co-sleeping but to be fair, we’ve always used a bedside cot, which feels like an extension to our bed. This way I’ve had my babies close to me (a godsend for nighttime nursing!) but not on top of me, or squirming beside me, or taking up the whole bed with their lovely little warm bodies.
    Hope the rest of the night went better than the start! x
    Annette, Four Acorns / Quatre graines de chêne recently posted…#MySundayPhoto – School beach trip / Classe de plageMy Profile

  3. Oh I can really relate to this! We’ve only co-slept with Little H a few times through absolute necessity when she’s been ill. One of those times was from about 3:30am on Sunday night / Monday morning. She did what Robot did to you – shuffled closer and kept laying on me, whilst somehow managing to kick her dad at the opposite side of the bed!

    Cots were invented for a reason – parents need their own space 😉 I also love that Dave sleeps upside down!

    Angela Watling (Life, Motherhood and Everything) recently posted…The fear and worry of parenthoodMy Profile

  4. Ugh that does not sound like a fun night. We haven’t bed shared since the children were babies but I must say I am glad I don’t. I don’t think id like they bed hogging, hot touchy nature either. I like my space and I like to be left alone when I sleep! Nice huh? P.S you might find he sleeps better in a bed than a cot….fingers crossed eh!? #familyfun
    Tammymum recently posted…#FamilyFun…Week 41My Profile

  5. Im not really a co-sleeping fan. We went through a phase with Molly were she would wake up in the night and want to get in our bed. We let it go on for a bit because we needed the sleep but I’ve tried to nip it in the bud lately, especially with the warmer weather. If she does sleep in the bed with us she practically lies on top of me so I don’t get much sleep anyway. And she’s hot and sweaty all the time so that’s not nice at all. Chris on the other hand, gets 3/4 of the bed to himself. Oh, and they both move around so much in the night and sleep talk. Sleeping in the bed with just Chris is bad enough without Molly climbing in too! Haha #familyfun
    Sam – StressyMama recently posted…My Wish List of Gifts for Molly’s BirthdayMy Profile

  6. My kids have no idea of personal space an are always sprawled across me, begging for cuddles or sitting on my lap. When Matthew was younger, I shared a bed with him most nights because he would wake up crying and needed the reassurance of me being there. Not a lot of fun at 9 months pregnant during the summer! #familyfunlinky

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