December Bucket List

Woohooo it’s definitely December now!  I can finally talk about Christmas without feeling like I’m going to be punched in the face!!  Not that this would have happened at all but you never know, there are some strange folk out there.

It’s time for my December bucket list, I almost very nearly didn’t bother but this post has been sat in my draft box waiting dutifully for me.

First though lets look at my list for November to see how I got on:

November Bucket List

– Wash Car and clean inside. Fail still need to do, Mother I need your  drive for this one!
– Tomato themed blog series. Done Check it out!
– Make mince pies. Fail 
– Go for a walk in the Lake District. Done Just on the edge but it counts
– Tidy Shrubs in Garden. Fail
– Aim for 50 new pins on Pinterest. Fail did about 10.

I make a point to keep my list short so I can complete it easily.  Epic fails all round this month though completing 2 of 6.

Some things are just not that important though and where I might not have made mince pies yet I did make apple cake and apple crumble. I may not have cleaned my car but I don’t spend much time it so who cares! The other 2 I just didn’t get the time!   I’ll try harder next month!

Let’s take a look at what I want to achieve in December:

  • Wash car – I know it’s here again!!
  • Make mince pies – I have the mince meat so it needs to be done
  • Blog shut down – eek the biggy – full on Christmas break!!
  • Write the Robots 12 Days of Christmas
  • Hang some photos that I have in frames up on the wall

That is it, there are loads of things that I’ve got written down that I know I’m going to do but don’t feel like I should ruin it actually putting them in, don’t think that’s how this going to work!

What have you got planned for this month?




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