December 2017 Change is in the Air

As December 2017 and the year begins to close it puts me in a very reflective mood. Also an excited one as to the prospects of what the new year is going to bring.  Planning, plotting and basically thinking I can take on the world!  A change is in the air.

This is where I would normally launch into all my Happy Day moments from the past month.  I really don’t want to!  Chucks toys out pram.  It’s not because I’m not happy or grateful for all the brilliant things that happen every day.  I just want a break to try something new. A monthly round-up, a this and that, here’s whats what, I don’t know really just something else and I’ll see how I feel in January!

With this all in mind it’s now an appropriate time to have a look back at over some of the years highlights rather than tell you how little I’ve achieved this December!!

January I remember having so many blog plans, life plans that come February they swiftly changed!  Although having a second child was planned you never expect to get pregnant straight away.  I could have spent the year writing about my pregnancy but between feeling tired and parenting the Robot I just didn’t want to! February was the start of blogging for me and doing the bare minimum to tick over.

Skipping March, April took us outdoors, camping, hiking, exploring.  Here’s to a photo montage:

Our usual yearly pilgrimage to Scotland in May has to be up in my favourite memories of the year. Blessed with beauty and adventure.

robot sat on the beach playing with his diggers

We spent our summer months very differently this year.  A certain someone in our lives was getting married and amongst working we spent the months of June and July gearing up for wedding season!  Literally, trips to buy outfits, visiting Wales on a relaxed stag/hen weekend. Planning and discussing.

We attended 4 weddings in August. It was rather intense but really wonderful at the same time.  Being 6 months pregnant made it extra challenging but I think I rocked my bump well.

Karen looking pregnant and rocking the look with a little page boy robert looking cute in a waistcoat

Pregnancy taking it out of my energy levels I rediscovered a sewing passion in September and have TwoTinyMakes in creation.  It lifted my mood just at the right time because waiting out October for the arrival of the baby that never came was soul-destroying!! Whoever said second babies come early was telling lies!!

Baby Chloe arrived a week late in November!  This pretty much summed up our year. Growing the baby was what 2017 was all about.  It’s pretty much perfection!

Family of four all cuddling chloe on the bed at home

Now December is drawing to a close. A month which has flown by in the blink of an eye. We’ve been enjoying the season as our first as a family of four. A combination of sleep deprived normality that has gone suprisingly well!

Thanks for sticking around over the last year.  I’ve not been consistent and at times I’ve probably just babbled but this space on the internet is important to me.  So Thank you!!

2018 is going to be an amazing year in the making I hope you’ll join me for the ride?

Wishing you a very Happy New Year!


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