A Day Trip To Grange Over Sands


A Day Trip To Grange Over Sands

It has been a summer of hidden adventures that I’ve not given the time to write about. This is my attempt to break my bloggers block and just get tapping again!  Yesterday we had no plans and in the morning I asked the Robot what he’d like to do for the day.   His answer was simply “diesel train”.    The train station is only a 5 minute walk away from us so it’s not really a bizarre request from him, plus he’s obsessed with trains.

Working out where to go was fairly simple too, Grange Over Sands.  With 30 minutes till the next train I packed up a quick picnic and got us ready go and at the train station with 10 minutes to spare.

Karen and Robot sat at the trainstation waiting for train

The train was typically 10 minutes late.  It wasn’t until it arrived that I realised why, it was one of the old diesel trains that run along the coast of Cumbria, this one was Sir Robert McAlpine!  Definitely a special little treat for the Robot, they are so noisy and the old style carriages are fun for the boy!!

Arriving at Grange Over Sands at about 11am and with the knowledge that I had a picnic for us the Robot wanted to set up the blanket straight away, we found the first patch of grass near the duck pond that we could and got on with the important eating,..

sat eating a picnic with the robot and I

This is a bit of a memory post for me.  My grandparents often used to take me to Grange to see the duck pond when I was little, or a not so little teenager.   The amount of different ducks to be found in the ornamental pond was something I was always excited for.

Things seem different now that I am an adult and the variety of ducks that live there now has in my opinion diminished and been over taken by seagulls and geese.  Nether the less it’s still a beautiful ornamental garden pond.  If you watch my video at the end you’ll see some more of the pond and it’s animals…

An imposter seems to have made its way on to the pond in the form of a fisherman, I hope those fish aren’t in there..

A papermache man fishin on a jetty catching a giant fish

Picnic packed up the next port of call was a walk to the park.  Out of the duck pond we walk through a mini memorial garden, I decided to stop and take a picture this time because of the memories it gives me of when Robot was a little one.  My Mum and I had taken a very small Robot on this same day trip.

memorial garden with a stone statue and ornamental flowers

We got caught up in a massive thunder-storm and ended up hiding in this garden under a poncho trying to keep dry.  It’s one of my favourite photos of the Robot.  He looks so confused..

a tiny Robot and karen sat under a poncho

Carrying on with our day trip though, we got from the duck pond to the promenade and walked to the park.  Here is a mini video of our day that includes a bit of park footage.

After a play at the park and a bit more of our picnic we headed back into the shopping area of Grange Over Sands to visit one of their many cafes for a well deserved hot chocolate before catching the train home.  A short, sweet and easy day trip to do with just the two of us.

Hope that’s enough of a fun day out for you?    Will it get my blogging mojo back?  We will find out in a couple of days if another post appears!


  1. What a lovely trip down memory lane this is. I too have fond memories of feeding the ducks with my grandparents, it must be something all grandparents do! I love that photo of Robot from when he was a baby and yes he does look very confused at the situation. the comparison with the growing Robot of today is so noticeable. A diesel train is always a delight especially with a picnic at the other end. I hope you keep the posts coming, they will be such a joy to look back on in years to come, trust me you will forget things otherwise.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids
    Fiona Cambouropoulos recently posted…Country Kids 26th August 2017My Profile

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