Day Out, Before the Cold! #abc123challenge

I’m pretty sure you and the rest of the UK has noticed the change in weather! One that is super freezing and more… we’ve not really been hampered by snow here which is pretty normal. We have experienced the cold though. Very very cold!

This means we’ve not ventured out as much as normal the last few days and we have suffered from cabin fever on a big scale. I think if we had snow we would have played out in it but we didn’t!  So the week has been a few play groups and a wander to the shops the rest stuck inside, for us a little bit of a nightmare.  It did give me some inspiration for a blog post later in the month though so all is a winner…

Before I launch into the few, if any, happy moments from the past week I thought I’d share with you a Day trip out with the family that makes my letter D for the #abc123challenge.

A Fun Day Out

On Saturday night I had a sleepover with my Mum and CABS. Sunday morning was a nice forecast.  Instead of heading home and hanging around I text the boys to make sure they packed a picnic and were up ready and dressed for when I drove up outside the house at 10am.   We were going to go on an adventure.

True to form they were both sat on the doorstep waiting for me to come home.  Secretly the Robot missed me.  We bundled him into the car and set off to a random foot path that we’ve not explored before.  We headed to Gait Barrows Nature Reserve near Silverdale for our picnic:

all the family sat having a picnic in the sun

The walk there was pretty amazing. Off the track, away from cars, through woods and fields.  Dave and I found we wandered ahead of the Robot hand in hand a few times. Looking back to find he had got busy with sticks. It felt safe to just let him wander.  The scenery was bliss in the in the amazing winter sun.

We discovered a very cool game which I think is best played in this season when the sun is low.  Shadow jumping, aka jumping on each other’s shadow.  We stopped, well the Robot sat down, and Dave thought it highly amusing to play shadow fighting.  A few punches to our shadow heads!

On the way back to the car and scaling a few fences we found a water trough covered in ice. It was a fabulous slab a good cm thick. Dave managed to pick it up and we all had fun smashing it up. It was like glass:

robot kicking a sheet of ice

We were home by 1pm and it had felt good just to be out in the sun as a family. It was cold though so a welcome brew when we got home geared us up for the rest of the day.

Happy Bits

A moment to reflect on all the happy moments from my week:

– My Mum and I had another sewing sleepover with baby CABS. It is nice to have just our company without the distractions of a toddler!

– That walk above followed by an afternoon of house work. Normally a dull task, today it felt good, hoovering the stairs and chopping wood while we tag teamed the kids.

– I utilised my new making skills to make CABS a very cute pixie hat. So glad I did as we needed it this week:

baby chloe rocking her new pink hat

– The Robot has been unusually cooperative and excited by mundane tasks. His speech has become different this week, more articulate and to the point. It crept up on me anyway!

– Thankfully a cold that hit me midweek hasn’t took hold and although I felt rubbish midweek I have bounced back.

– We didn’t get much snow but did manage a walk out when it was snowing. A very quick canal walk with Daddy who had come home early.

It really has been a quiet week and I’ll leave you here. We have Thai street food and birthday parties planned this weekend. I’m sure we will have a good time…

Have a good one and see you next week.


  1. What a wonderful walk, it’s lovely when walking with Toddlers to find somewhere where you feel safe enough to let them explore without needing constant supervision isn’t it? Robot looks like he’s having a wonderful time exploring and playing with the shadows, some of the sunshine has been beautiful recently hasn’t it? That slab of ice is so impressive, I bet it was great fun smashing it up.

    Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.

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