D is for Dancing

There are lots of reasons why I love dancing and non of them are to do with actually knowing how to dance.  I possibly went to one or two dance lessons as a kid because my friend did but I soon hot footed it out the door when I could. As an adult, as a parent, I love dancing because it’s silly, it gets us moving, defuses a million situations and is just plain fun.

The Robot goes to Didi Dance classes, designed for toddlers to play at dancing.  They certainly don’t really learn the dancing more the movement which eventually they mimic in their own ways…

Sometimes I worry I’m a pushy parent taking my boy to learn to dance. I know I shouldn’t worry, but you do know that is what parents do?!  My first motive for going is that the class runs literally next door, it’s handy when you want to get a toddler somewhere.  But secondly after a year of going he genuinely likes it.

He doesn’t always join in but heck he’s two and he loves to do all the movement games and play with the equipment when it comes out. He remembers little bits and likes to do them at home during the week.  He still a few months on remembers the “I I Robot, I I Robot” Bollywood dancing section of the routine!!

robot dancing around
How hard it is it to capture the kid in dance on photo!!?

I’m a massive believer in being creative and I think dance is just an extension of that.  I read a blog post by What My Fridge Says based on a quote by Albert Einstein

Creativity is Intelligence having fun.

It was about her recent theatre visit with her school.  She urges people to use our theatres more as everyone should get the opportunity to see people perform.  We took the Robot and a sleeping CABS to see a couple of kid friendly plays over Christmas.  He loved them, joining in dancing with the music and shouting out at what was happening.  I enjoyed watching them through his eyes, magical.

Dance is a way for the Robot to get creative. It’s not something that I push on him and he often requests a dance opting for the radio over tv.  Especially when his toys have been tidied away and there is space to move and really run about.

He has become a fan of Paw Patrol, those pups have a lot to answer for.  Part of me justifies him watching it though because he likes to get up and dance to the theme tune.  His daddy often joins in too and they’ve been making up a routine together. It’s really sweet because Dave can’t dance!

Lastly a good silly dance around in the living room often gives us a bit of a happy high. It’s just fun to be silly with a two-year old. If we’ve been a bit cooped up inside and had too much sitting around it is a brilliant way to feel a bit lifted.  If you’ve never tried it then I urge you to give it a go.

Do you Dance with your kids?  Are there any good kids TV theme tunes that are particularly catchy for you that you find yourself humming to ALL day?

abc123challenge Dice D


  1. Hell yeah we dance…my kitchen is firstly a room to dance and then a cooking space 🙂 love that you enjoyed my piece, being creative feeds the soul (I think) and freestyle dance is a blessing 🙂 your little dude will be glad you allowed him to have fun and be creative

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