Cycling the Camel Trail – Wadebridge to Padstow

Cycling the Camel Trail – Wadebridge to Padstow

Over Christmas we stayed at Coombe Mill down in Cornwall.  We completely rocked our outings while we were down there.  Considering it was Winter we wanted to do everything we could to spend time outside.   Dave bought an OS Map of the area before we went and studied the map to see what exciting things are in the area.

He spotted the Camel Trail which leads from Wenford Bridge to Padstow, 18 miles of largely traffic free blissful cycle path.  Not quite on for this mileage we opted to do the section from Wadebridge to Padstow which is 5 miles of disused rail way.

We didn’t take our bikes with us as we opted to hire some, there is plenty of cycle hire shops at Wadebridge that even 2 days before Christmas are still open and hiring.

Cycling the camel train from wadebridge to Padstow with a toddler - A view down the trailWe got up incredibly early on the day we’d planned to go for a cycle and hit the hire shop while they were setting up.  The weather was fantastic, blue sky, crisp and not a cloud in sight!!  There wasn’t a cyclist on the trail at all.   Dave carried the Robot on his bike on a simple rear bike chair, he was wrapped up nice and warm and enjoyed the ride.

Cycling the camel train from wadebridge to Padstow with a toddler - view over padstow

It didn’t seem to take long to get to Padstow, we had a wander around the harbour and watched them dredging the sea of mud.  The concept of a floating digger just blew the Robots mind!

Cycling the camel train from wadebridge to Padstow with a toddler - bike over the harbour

While at Padstow we had an obligatory Cornish pasty from the famous Cough Bakery.  Delicious, and the Robots first pasty.  We were mildly amused that you can order cream teas and pasty’s from them through the mail.

Cycling the camel train from wadebridge to Padstow with a toddler - harbour view

The morning excursion pleased this little man:

Cycling the camel train from wadebridge to Padstow with a toddler - the well at padstow

We cycled some back roads around Padstow that took us up a giant hill.  Dave, the avid cyclist, complained for the first time ever that it was hard work.  He had the Robot and he is a heavy little lump, this gives me complaining credit on bike rides when we get home as the Robot normally sits on my bike!  He may have been hung over.

The cycle back to Wadebridge sent the Robot soundly off to sleep.  Even though it was flat it was still a slight incline back up the hill.  We encountered many cyclists heading towards Padstow.  Hire bikes with trailers and little children on teeny bikes.  It was a mid week in Winter, we can’t imagine how busy it gets in Summer.

The Camel Trail would be a brilliant place for kids to practice because it’s flat and wide, of course people in the Summer would be a constant issue but non the less a great place.

A total of 10 miles for us this time.  If we head back to Cornwall I would like to do the other end of the trail.  It follows the river more and I think it would be more interesting.   Some of the bike hire places allow you to pick up bikes at one end of the trail and leave them at the other end.  This would be good to achieve the whole trail and not have to cycle back!

We often talk about the lack of good flat cycle ways where we live and think it’s a real shame there aren’t more disused rail ways.  Do you know any other flat bike trails in the UK?  Maybe I need to start a list!!






  1. We love cycling along the Camel Trail as a family, it’s always such a fun afternoon. It looks like you enjoyed your morning ride along to Padstow, the Robot looks so happy trundling along in the back seat. You’re right it can get a little busy at times along the trail but it’s never too overcrowded.

    Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.
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  2. The Camel Trail looks like a brilliant place to cycle. I don’t know of any good bike trails near us and am too nervous to ride my bike these days after an experience with an HGV getting a little too close for comfort the last time I went cycling. Going somewhere like this would perhaps give me the confidence to get back on a bike again! Looks like the Robot had a lovely time in Padstow and sounds like you all enjoyed the bike ride (apart from Dave finding the hill hard work!) #countrykids
    Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love) recently posted…#withkindnessandlove 3 – stories of kindness and sharing some blog loveMy Profile

    1. isntitpretty

      Off road cycling is the best especially with the little people and flat is good too. I do wish there were more trails like this near us. Lorrys and trucks are scary things on the busy road, I never take any chances and often stop if they are up front. I don’t do much solo cycling with R though so with 2 of us on the road we are more visiable.

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