A Cycle Ride to Slaidburn YHA

A Cycle Ride to Slaidburn YHA

Seize the moment.   This is exactly what we did last week.   Dave had a quiet couple of days at work, the weather was nice so we decided to get our bikes out and go for a cycle ride to Slaidburn YHA.   We first did this bike ride back in April very much at the start of the year.

It’s a nice ride through the Forest of Bowland featuring Stocks reservoir and stunning views.    There is no way round it though you’ve got to go UP & DOWN on this ride…

Dave finished work early at midday so that we could catch the train to Clapham.  Getting the train closer to our destination is a must.  Where in the past we’d have cycled the whole 30 miles, it’s not fair to ride this far with the Robot.  Getting closer and cycling 10 miles is more manageable.  Plus I am out of practice!

Robot sat in the bike seat ready to go

We caught the train to Clapham and set off cycling.  Unfortunately straight up hill for the next hour.   Within 5 minutes of setting off my chain came off.  He he, already a welcome break for me.  This is one of the many reasons I don’t like to go cycling on my own with the Robot.   One of us needs to hold onto him while the other (Dave) fixes the bike.

Dave and Robot on the bikes with the massive hill behind

The best thing about going up and one thing I remind myself again and again… The down!  This ride especially as there is about the same amount of up as there is down.   Free wheel all the way!    We stopped off at Stocks reservoir on the way past to have a little snack and a break.  A very welcome break for me.

We got to Slaidburn YHA a little after 5 o’clock.  We checked in and headed over to the pub for a quick drink before cooking tea.   This hostel has volunteers staff running it so it is a very basic set up.  Friendly enough though.  As the Robot is under 5 he doesn’t have to pay for a bed so it’s always a shock to the staff when we arrive as they’re never expecting a baby.  Most hostels we can book a travel cot but we knew this one doesn’t have one.   We could book a family room though with 3 beds so he just sleeps on a mattress on the floor (or in my bed).

Tea was a simple pizza and chips followed by bread and butter pudding, Dave carried all this on his bike!  As with any hostel or camping trip we often all end up going to bed by 9.  This trip was no exception.

The morning arrived and a quick fry up we headed out the door again.   We could cycle a different way home but as Slaidburn is in a dip there is the inevitable hill climb.  First though, my chain fell off again;

Karen and Robot selfie with Dave in the background fixing Karens bike

What a climb:

A massive hill inthe distance

Once again I was happy to get to the top of this hill.  We had the quick ride back down the other side this time into Bentham.  We grabbed some lunch from the local bakery and headed down to the skate park to waste a bit of time before our train came to take us home.

Robot stood next to a skate park pointing

I don’t know what he was pointing at but at the time it seemed like a good photo to take!  I’m not sure if we will have any more trips out like this on the bike this year.  We had a thoroughly good time and I am glad we took the time to go.




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