How to Cut Back on Blogging Linkys

If you are a blogger, this might be quite useful.  If you are an aspiring blogger, this might also be useful.  If you aren’t a blogger you might find it interesting so why not stick around?

A big part of blogging is.  A HUGE part of blogging is the promoting.  We see it time and time again.  Someone says I’ve started a blog but no one is reading it.  The truth to the point is though is that no one knows you exist so it doesn’t matter how brilliant your content is no one will ever find it if you don’t promote it.

One such avenue to promote in is the wonderful world of a Linky Party.  Bloggers, who are partly crazy,  host a linky party inviting other bloggers onto their blog to link up blog posts.  In return they give you a set of rules to spend time reading and commenting on other people blogs.  In sharing the love of linkys people will end up reading and interacting with your blog.

Why would you want to cut back on Blogging Linkys?

It’s not that you don’t want to cut back, there are hundreds of different parties out there and to be honest, some are pretty amazing.  Some are really addictive.  The trouble is that precious word called time.  It takes time to read and comment on everyone’s blog.

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I have approx 15-20 parties I like to take part in, on top of this I host my own.  Did I not mention #FamilyFun?  Each party normally has a minimum blog read of 4 and I always flick through and read a few more.  I read everyone that links to #FamilyFun so we’re looking at a 150 blogs to read a week.  What?  150, yes, it can take me an hour to read 8 blogs properly so the best part of 19 hours devoted to reading blogs.  Crazy huh?

Nope, it’s time to cut back, I love taking part but it’s just not possible to keep up this level of partying every week.

How to Cut Back on Linky Parties

  1. Firstly set yourself  a limit of how many you will join in each week.
  2. Then write a list of all the Linkys you like to join in on.
  3. Put a mark next to ones you love the most.
  4. Time to organise them into a weekly rota.

For example; I have limited myself to 5 linkys a week.  I have a list of 15 I love to do.  5 I love the most.

  1. The ones you love the most you are going to alternate each week.
  2. The ones you want to do but can’t do regularly are going to split out evenly around the rota.

It takes a bit of playing about but for my example above I have a six week rota that looks like this:

My Linky rota list

The time it takes to prioritse is worth it in the end.  You still get to take part in some of your favourite linky parties but not every week.  If I have a bit of spare time I pop by the hosts blog to share a little bit of the love.

There are new parties that are popping up all the time and it’s great to take part and experience new blogs.  As you can see from my list above I’ve left in 2 spare weeks where I might just extend my love a little further!

Hope that helps, and I hope that helps explain my absence to some of my favourite hosts?







  1. Every blogger needs to read this! I remember when I first found out about linkys, I was EVERYWHERE and it helped drive a lot of traffic to my site, but I was overwhelmed with having to read a bunch of other blogs. So I take the same approach now with participating in certain ones each week.

    I’ve been MIA due to taking a break and rebranding; I changed my name also (I was previously MomLifeAndMore). During the break, I decided that I was going to go ahead and start my own link up, so I really have to be organized now since I will have to read the participants post and feature my favorites the following week.

    1. isntitpretty

      It is a MASSIVE undertaking doing a linky especially if it is really popular. I had a niche one at first and had 20 link ups a week which was managable as a start. I recommend it though if you like reading blogs. I’ve found all sorts of people I now love!

  2. Thanks for scheduling in #CountryKids. I’d hate to loose you but I totally get the time thing, it takes me the same time as you commenting. You’d think I’d get better after 6 years but it is still about 8 an hour! I two have started blogging less and linking less for all the same reasons, there just aren’t enough hours in the day. I really should join yours too!
    Coombe Mill – Fiona recently posted…Disney Mickey Mouse Room StickerMy Profile

    1. isntitpretty

      Thats good to know that my speed is similar of someone going so long! I think it’s important to spend the time to read things properly, its not all about stats its building a nice relationship too. You’d be more than welcome over on #FamilyFun but no pressure.

  3. Thanks for joining in with #SharingtheBlogLove. I totally understand the huge time commitment that running a linky involves – ours is much smaller than yours and it still takes up so much of my time. I limit myself to 4 a week these days, and do a similar thing to you, with alternating my favourites, although this week I’ve not even managed to do a single one as I’ve been quite ill.
    Katy – Hot Pink Wellingtons recently posted…Hot Pink Wellingtons is One Year Old!My Profile

  4. As a relativity new blogger I find myself lost in linkies, I love them but like you said it can be time consuming to not only take part but manage your own content. I never thought of a schedule. Definitely something to think about. Oh and well done you for taking the time to get some involved in the world of blogging and for taking a step back and saying, no actually I need a change.

  5. I can remember a time in my life when I thought to myself, “it is just not possible to keep up this level of partying”, but it wasn’t in regards to blogging 😉 I’ve never participated in a link up before but I might try it because these days I could use a few more parties in my life…and these ones will probably be a little easier on my liver.

  6. Just seen this linked from your #FamilyFun post and it’s great advice. I generally link up to the same 6 linkys but some weeks I’ll drop out of one or two. I have a few ‘core’ ones which I always do (yours is one of them – it’s my joint #1 fave!). However, I love your idea of scheduling in some different ones on different weeks. I have a number I have bookmarked but not explored so I might well look into them now!
    Angela Watling recently posted…What Little H did – 2.1 yearsMy Profile

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