Creativity is my way of life

You know when you get so absorbed in something it’s all you want to do. If you don’t get to do it each day then you feel it. Feel it in your soul a weird kind of feeling that means you didn’t make something today. That’s what I feel about creativity.

This Scribbler Mum wrote a post the other day about creativity that really resonated with me. The simple act of adding a creative movement or thought process in your day helps make the “normal” routine more bearable.  When parenting, especially 24 hours a day I struggle with the daily grind, the same old stuff constantly every day, every day and more. I love everything about my children, I love helping them grow, live, thrive, they’re amazing but it’s sometimes not enough.  Me.  I’m not just a Mum, there is more to me.

Writing this blog, doing my sewing, finding new ways to play are all part of my daily creative processes. If I’ve achieved any or all of these aspects of creativity I feel more like me.  All the sewing projects that I’m undertaking at the moment have become my creative thing of choice. They absorb my brain power amongst my parenting duties.  I can delve into the world of Instagram and enjoy all the pretty fabric, all the pretty creations that my new virtual friends show me.

On Wednesday I had a day when for whatever reason I didn’t get the sewing out.  I went to bed a little bit deflated.  It was weird.  Being creative in this way has become something I rely on to make me feel high.  Its great.

My current creative obsession is my half inch hexie quilt.  It’s a year long if not longer process that I am really enjoying seeing come together.  Here is where I am at with it at the moment half way through:

It’s a great pick up put down project that means I can work it around my kids.  It’s for my kids to share and play I-Spy with one day.  It think it’s going to be epic.

Creativity is my way of life.  My life.  I love it.  As much as my little family.


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