Coniston Old Man – A Lake District Walk

We’ve lived near the Lake District for the past nine years.  We’ve avoided tourist spots for such a long time.  This means we’ve not really gone walking in the Lakes for ages and have tended to go walking in the in the hills to the East of us, North Yorks and the Howgills.  However today, we decided to go into the Lakes.

The Robot woke up at 6am, the best kind of alarm clock you need.  Rather than lazing around like we normally do, we were up, fed and ready to go by 8am.  It’s great when it’s a team of two of us getting ready, one can be on baby duty while the other makes lunch!  It went like clock work!

We arrived in Coniston fearing that we’d not get anywhere to park, we’d needn’t have worried.  It turns out that if you get up early the free spaces are still available.  9am, we put the Robot in the backpack and set off walking.

Setting off up the hill

Carrying the Robot in the back pack is generally Dave’s job.  I carry him in a woven wrap the rest of the time.  It’s only fair Dave gets him on the hard walks!!  That Usborne book crops up in loads of photos!  I carry the flasks of tea.  The bonus is that when we’ve drank it all my bag is always really light!   On the way up we bumped into one of Dave’s old work colleagues.  It’s always a bit random when this happens.  He invited us for tea and cake when we got back down!   Still though, a long way to go we arrived at Lows Water, a tarn, half way up Coniston Old Man.  We ate sandwiches.

Goats Water

It was an overcast day so I didn’t get a picture perfect shot of the Lake District.  You can see glimpses of three lakes here, Coniston, Esthwaite and Windermere.

View point over Coniston

The Robot was as usual a model baby.  Half way up once he’d had a little bit of Mummy milk, he fell asleep and stayed this way for a good hour even at the top.  One thing that really surprised us was is how quiet it was.  It’s a nice Spring day where was everyone.  We arrived at the top:

Top of old man Coniston

It was 11.30!  We’ve never made a summit in the Lakes before midday before.  This really explains the lack of people on the way up.  On the way down was a completely different story!  Loads of people heading up.  I love people though, when they spot the baby in the back pack you get loads of comments.  “Any room for me in there”, “Starting them young”, “We used to carry you in one of them!” and the like.  It’s really nice but rather repetitive!

On the way back down we stopped again for a bite to eat.  I couldn’t resist showing my last photo as a now awake Robot looks particularly cute in this one having a Daddy hug:

Robot staring at camera

When we arrived back in Coniston we went to visit Dave’s friend, had said cup of tea and cake.  It was nice for them to catch up, but alas it was short and sweet.  We set off home and were back for 3.30pm.  A lovely day out as a family.


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  1. It’s great to go on an adventure as a family. My hubby uses a similar carrier to yours but I prefer our Manduca for comfort. In your post you refer to your little one as The Robot – why? #countrykids

  2. Oooooh, lovely! You do do some fab things. This looks a lot like Wales where I grew up. I do miss the walking now we’re in a flatish bit of England! I can’t wait til the kids get a little older and we can do stuff like this, they’re at the awkward stage of too heavy to carry, too small to walk far! Thanks for linking up. #bigpinklink
    Pink Pear Bear recently posted…Big Pink Link Kumi (10)My Profile

  3. I love great family days like this. We have a place about 10 minutes from our house (driving) that is just beautiful and you would never think that it was there. We actually didn’t discover it until after a year of living here and during the winter it’s impossible to go to because it’s filled with snow and when no snow it’s mud. But in the spring, summer, and fall it is just beautiful there. We took the kids up there last week after they got out of school and had so much fun. My husband and I have talked about just doing a little overnight camping trip with the fam for a night but I guess it’s a popular “teenage” place on the weekends. I remember “those kinds” of places from when I was a teen and don’t think I would want my littles around that. Love the pictures, your little robot is such a ham! I am visiting from #bigpinklink.

    1. isntitpretty

      That sounds truly ideal! Shame about the farm camping teenagers though as an overnight camp close to home would seem like such an adventure for s little person! Thanks for such a lovely comment.

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