Christmas Light Box Sensory Play

With Christmas just around the corner I figured it was time to get a little bit Christmassy with the activities that I am doing with the Robot.  I spotted this Star Box by Where Imagination Goes over on Pinterest.   I knew fine well that I had a big box in the cellar and the lights are still to hand from the other day.  Let see what we got up too…

Christmas Light Box Sensory Play

This is really simple to set up and it doesn’t take long to put away either, so as activities go this is a winner.   All you have to do is with something pointy, I used a screwdriver, pierce holes into the top of a large box.  How many depends on many fairy lights you have.  Put the fairy lights into the holes.

Position the box near a plug socket and turn it on and see how it looks.  Pretty cool hey?    I covered mine up with a blanket to hide the wires and make it look more appealing…

One thing I did worry about during the whole time of having this set up was the heat off the lights.   Are they hot enough to catch fire!  I kept checking them to see how hot they were but they never got htat bad.  I suppose just checking on them and turning it off from time to time is a sensible solution!

As ever with my activities I set them up at nap time so the Robot has something exciting to come down stairs too.   Today was no different.  I waited until he was in the room to switch them on.  He was in the box like a shot!  Mesmirising.

Robot looking closely at the lights at the top of the box

It didn’t take him long to start exploring the rest of the box.  When he realised there were doors to it, these are what we started playing with.  I’d lay my head in and pull the flap down.  This meant he could hit me in the head and poke me in the eye of course but I didn’t mind, it was so lovely to see him all lit up like this!   He was also fine being shut in by himself for a bit and repeatedly tried to close the door on himself.  He could pop out with a surprise HELLO as if we were playing peekaboo.

Robot shutting the doors on himself

After a few coming and goings it was time for a rest and what better way to do this than just lie on the floor:

Robot laying down in the box

Once we’d finished for the day I put the lights away.  The worry over the heat of them got to me somewhat!  The box stayed out and we’ve made a tunnel in the lounge from it.  I keep hiding his toys in it.

I love cardboard boxes, I think this will be the start of a good relationship with them for many childhood years to come!   What have your kids used the cardboard box for?




    1. isntitpretty

      WOW now that is an idea. Dave was talking about getting the Robot an electric circuit (i think for him to play with more than Robot) to make light switches work. He was obsessed with light switches a few months back maybe this is something we could actually look in to! I bet lego have some fun stuff you could do something with too! Thanks for the idea lol!

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