Christmas at Coombe Mill

Christmas at Coombe Mill

Back in the Summer I entered a competition to win a stay at Coombe Mill Farm at Christmas.  Over 200 entries later and although I didn’t quite get the first place we came in second to get a half price Christmas holiday!

I first heard about Coombe Mill when Fiona invited me to join in her #CountryKids linky.  This is a firm favourite blogging place for me to play.  So much fun and positive people!  On to the holiday.

We set off a day early and stayed over in St Briavels YHA on the way down.  It was great to break the journey up and meant that we could arrive at Coombe Mill nice and early on the Saturday.   When we arrived I must admit to being a little nervous meeting Fiona.  Someone I admire as a blogger, it left me a little bit “star struck” (sorry Fiona, you are truly lovely!!).

We stayed in one of the Scandinavian lodges – Trevarno.  So warm and cozy with everything we could possibly need for a 10 day holiday.  The loft playroom was amazing.  Our first afternoon was spent with a cup of tea on the sofas while the Robot played upstairs happily alone.  We did coax him out for wander round the farm before dusk!

Every morning we are treated to the Farm Run with Farmer Nick.  We joined the rest of the Farm guests and their children to help feed the animals.  The added bonus of the tractor-trailer to rest our weary little legs as we went about our jobs!  The Robot loved the ducks the most, he says duck duck a lot so that is hardly suprising!

Being 17 months the Robot wasn’t really sure what was going on and often had a bemused look on his face.  By the end of the week he’d got used to it and we even got a few smiles out of him on route!  Here is “driving” the tractor.  Poor thing almost burst into tears at this!!

On the farm Run and robot riding the tractor at coombe mill farm

Day 2 bought extra guests to the farm in the form of my Dad and his partner Marie.  It was nice to have them there for a couple of days and share this experience with them.    We took them on a walk up the hill to St Brewards to have a drink at the pub before coming home and having a lovely Sunday Roast dinner.

Day 3 and we visited Tintagel with them, I love the coast that much that I’ve a special blog coming soon just about this trip, so do pop back to the blog in the coming week.    We had a lovely meal at The Old Inn in St Brewards and then walked back down the hill in the pitch black.  It was nice to see all the houses lit up with Christmas lights too.

Day 4 and we waved goodbye to my Dad.  We had a lazy wet afternoon with a stroll to the shops in between rain showers and a play at the many parks on Coombe Mill.  The Robot really doesn’t mind the rain at all.  So much fun to be had if you wrap up in waterproofs!!

playing on the slide at coombe mill farm

Day 5 and we took off to the Eden Project.  This is somewhere I have always wanted to go and I wasn’t disappointed. We spent hours there.  I’d definitely recommend it.

The main attraction for us at Coombe Mill was their little train.  The Robot is obsessed with trains so we knew he’d love this.  We were right, he knew exactly where he was walking too each day at 4pm.  He’d say choo choo a lot during the day and he was quite content on walking the track with his Daddy.

Riding the train at coombe mill farm

Day 6 and we hired bikes to cycle the Camel trail from Wadebridge to Padstow.  A lovely 10 mile ride on flat disused rail track.   Again, I’ll be writing a separate blog for this trip soon, so keep an eye out for this!

Before we mention the main attraction I figured I’d drop in this movie of our adventures:

Day 7 and the all important Christmas Eve.   The main attraction at Coombe Mill for this week.   We met up with all the other families for the children’s activity hour.  We made crafts and decorations for the Christmas tree.  I say we, I totally made the Robots but at least he was there and tried to help!  Then on to an elf hunt on the welly trail.  Again, the Robot hadn’t got a clue what was going on but we helped him walk up the hill and I let him loose on the bamboo arch.  A fun afternoon with a special visitor…

hunting for elves on Coombe Mill Farm

Poppy the steam engine!!  Dave and the Robot were fascinated.  They sat next to the tracks for ages watching the train go round before getting to have a ride themselves!   Another very special visitor in the form of Father Christmas was hiding in the train hut waiting to see the children on the farm.  A special touch!  Later in the evening we had drinks and nibbles with the rest of the guests in the games room.  A great chance to enjoy Christmas eve!

watching the santa steam engine poppy at coombe mill farm

Christmas Day and a blurry Robot Christmas tree picture to be had.   It took most of the day to open his presents amongst a Christmas Day Farm run and a walk out and lots of food.   It was a lovely way to spend the Robots 2nd Christmas.


Boxing day we went out to visit another part of the Cornish coast of Trebarwith.  A little windy but a really great way to end the last day of our holidays.   The last morning we were greeted with this lovely sunrise.

the last morning at coombe mill with the sun rise all red and beautiful

We had a really great Christmas holiday at Coombe Mill and we will have to bring the Robot back when he is a bit older so that he can appreciate it a bit more.  Thanks for having us!


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  1. I so enjoyed reading this post and seeing the farm from your perspective. The video is gorgeous and I’m thrilled you captured so much on film. Robot is such a cutie and so good natured, there aren’t many his age who will ride the tractor with Farmer Nick so he did really well. I’m so pleased you were able to take up your Christmas win offer and come and see us and thank you for joining in with so much, it makes organizing things so worth while. A return visit is a must when Robot can really appreciate all we have here and no more being nervous of me, though I do get a little excited when bloggers I follow come to stay!
    Coombe Mill – Fiona recently posted…Town and Country Turnaround BookMy Profile

    1. isntitpretty

      Thank you Fiona. You didn’t see his wobbly lip when I collected him from the tractor! He was a little miffed! We had a brilliant time, I am positive our paths will cross again one day! I promise I won’t be nervous!

  2. Oh what an amazing place to have spent Christmas. I adore following Fiona on Instagram and her photos of Coombe Mill tempt me every time – I hope to one day book a break there as I know my teens would just love it – a real get away from everything break. Wonderful photos too #FamilyFun x
    justsayingmum recently posted…Owning MotherhoodMy Profile

    1. isntitpretty

      Thanks Helen. THey have a Games room too the teens would love to hang in there to play pool… They have wifi too (which I know your teens will love), downside for them is they’ll have to log on outside!!

    1. isntitpretty

      Yes this would be right up you and yours street one day! Definately enough outdoors and indoors for all of you! If you get me!? You can send the boys outside while you read a book is how I imagine it would go…!

    1. isntitpretty

      Tell him you’ll drive! It’s a definate narrow road onto the farm itself, down some steep tracks, fyi. We were a bit nervous when we first drove down but it’s really okay! It’s a great place. You’ll have to spot my Eden Project post that’s coming in a couple of days!

    1. isntitpretty

      We don’t tend to like to go back to places for a 2nd time because that is how we roll. However this place is different, I think I’d definately wait a few years and go back in the summer when my kid(s(only got 1!)) are older and can appreciate the farm a bit more. As well as going to the beach and things like that would draw us back. Plus Fiona is great, if you’ve not read her blog then I urge you to go check it out, her #Countrykids linky is great too! So inspiring herself!!

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  5. Oh sounds like you had a lovely Christmas! And how great is that train?! I can completely relate to the excitement, and J would have loved it too, not sure if Elliot would quite gotten the excitement yet, but Coombe mill has definitely gone on my list of places to go when Elliot is older 🙂 #countrykids
    Josefine recently posted…A day spent in CopenhagenMy Profile

    1. isntitpretty

      Yes I think it would be up your streets. The Camel cycle trail is so close and I think although probably not your Misters cup of tea it would be so easy for you and E for a flat bike ride!!

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