Chicken Korma

Chicken Korma

Having to make a meal beginning with the letter K this week was a struggle.  I had kebabs in mind but to be honest they never really fill me with excitement when it comes to meal planning.  Then I remembered my first ever curry, a Chicken Korma.  Oh yes, I  found me my K, I just have to find time to do it.  This is me on the day I normally publish my ABC123 recipe making said recipe in a bit of a rush.

This is a Tesco recipe:

Tesco – Chicken Korma

Some of the comments almost put me off making this but I decided to give it a go…

Plate with chicken korma and basmati rice on

I’m clearly not a chef, there is one little bit of rice on the rim edge, ruining my photo!!

Not to worry though.  This was delicious.  I used less passata and more ground almonds.  It was perfect.  I like a flavoursome curry and I’ve had some pretty poor kormas in my time.  This really hit the spot.

It was a thumbs up from Dave and the Robot too.  I wasn’t sure it would work but I think the fact it has yoghurt in means the Robot likes it by default.  I’ve never seen anyone as excited by yoghurt as my little munchkin!

The recipe says it takes 40 minutes to cook and 25 prep time. As it took 40 minutes in total I think the 25 minutes is included.

An easy curry to make if you have a good spice rack.

#ABC123 is a challenge I have set myself to complete 26 weeks of posts, every week a different letter of the alphabet.  This week was the letter K

Do you fancy having a go at the #ABC123 Challenge?   Click below to find out:

ABC123 Blue Building Block



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