Cheese! #abc123challenge

Another week has flown by and we have been so so busy.  I’ve not had time to breathe but it’s been good and I feel like we have achieved life balance and beyond.  I can’t wait for the weekend to kick in so I can have a bit of down time while we dual parent for a bit.  I’m also heading to my Mums with CABS for a sew sleepover on Saturday night so I really will get some batteries re-charged.  The letter C this week and I have struggled to come up with a title for this post, I am sure it will come to me at the right moment.  Obviously it will make sense when you get to the end.

Happy Bits

This is my time to feel a bit more grateful for my lot and take a look at all the happy moments from my week. Here we go:

– Robots first swimming lesson went swimmingly.  He clung on like mad to start with but by the end he was jumping off floats and splashing around.

– We went out to Hornby Castle to see the snow drops.  The Robot had so much fun throwing things in the river and playing hide and seek around the gardens.  It was difficult to get him to leave but we were able to entice him along with orange segments.

a woods scene with robot and dave feeding him oranges

– We went to another new play group this week Kendal Mini Stompers. It’s an outside one and it’s pretty amazing and the staff are very engaging with the kids.  Very muddy and much fun.  It’s a shame it’s only monthly but we will look forward to going again.

– the sun has been shining, it may have been cold but it has been beautiful.

– It was a nice surprise to be featured in the Brit Mums Family Days Out February round-up. I didn’t submit anything but they picked up on our day trip on the East Lancashire Railway.

– It’s been great to have all our usual groups back up and running after half term.  I always miss them in the holidays.  We went to the park with friends and we tried out CABS in the buggy for the first time since she was born.  It was extremely liberating to let her nap wrapped up in here while I could run around the park following the Robot.  I love baby wearing though so this will probably be a rare occurrence:

cabs fast asleep in buggy

– I have managed to get tea cooked a bit this week. Not every night but it always helps Dave out if I manage to get something prepped for tea. He appreciates it.

– We went to feed the ducks. It’s not something we do much because I’m always worried about the Robot falling in the canal but it was a lovely refreshing change.

– I branched out with my lunch ideas (one of my goals for the year) and made drop scones (scotch pancakes) for the Robot and I.  He actually ate them and they were super yummy.

– CABS is so adorable and when we catch her smiling like this it is always pretty amazing:

CABS is smailing with her elf hat on - adorable cheesey grin.

That is all from me this week on my round-up. I have run out of time and inclination. Hope you have a great weekend and recharge for the week ahead.


P.S. Sorry for those of you who thought this post may have been about cheese.  Just a cheesy grin to finish us off!

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