Cereal Sensory Play Tuff Spot

Another week and another messy play idea with our new tuff spot; cereal sensory play.  We’ve been going to the same play group since the Robot was 3 weeks old, we started out in baby massage and then moved up into Little Treasures which is now Time to Play.  Every week they like to have some sort of messy play activity on the go.  A favourite of theirs is Bran Flakes and Oats mixed up in a tuff spot with an array of bits and bobs to stir and pour.

Cereal Sensory Play Tuff Spot

This is a simple activity that if you buy economy you can get the items for around £1.   All you need are two different kind of cereals.  We’ve chosen Rice Crispies and porridge oats.

While the Robot was napping I got busy making a pretty pattern in the tuff spot.  It’s not necessary but if you saw my post on inviting your child to play then you’ll see why I do it.  I quite enjoyed setting it up.

If there is one thing I am learning is that setting up while he’s not in the room is the best idea.  He likes to get in and create havoc otherwise.  Once set up I enjoy a cup of tea and wait in eager anticipation!  Here is how we got on…

First up I equipped him with a hammer. I decided that was all he probably needed for the initial destruction.   I was right again, he wanted in it as soon as he got in the living room.  Cautious at first with a gentle poke but then just went at it with his hammer and other hand.  Climbing in it and spreading it all over the place.  Thankfully mostly within in the confines of the tuff spot.

Robot looking at cereal with the crispies everywhere

When his attention span began to fail I gave him some more equipment.  More hammers, things to stir and containers to put things in.   It was very entertaining to watch him.

Robot hammering the criepies

This activity kept him going for over an hour.  I was thinking about all the different senses that he was using while he was playing;

SIGHT –  The visual appearance of the activity throughout must have been good for him

SOUND – The rice crispies make a crunch when you push them. When you hammer lots of them it gets really noisy

TOUCH – Varying levels of texture

TASTE – Let’s face it, it’s cereal he’s going to taste it

SMELL – Not that smelly but they do have a certain grainy smell, it’s not unpleasant!

After the Robot had enough we went to play with other things.  I left the activity out for him to come back too.  He did when his train got involved:

Train tracks in the cereal

We enjoyed this one and have revisited it again since doing it.  We kept the remains in a ziplock bag so we could just re-use them.  Being a dry activity it was relatively easy to clean up with a sweeping brush and the hoover.

Here is a short 30 second video of the destruction in action.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed?


  1. Wow looks like the Robot had a brilliant time! This is such a good idea, I’m getting more and more convinced that I need one of those tuff spot things! As I don’t foresee this activity going well in my home without at least the mess being a little bit contained 😀 thanks for sharing! #familyfun
    Josefine recently posted…A day in the ForestMy Profile

  2. Such a great idea, yet again. I have down this with porridge oats before but will definitely try again with mixing in something crunchy. We just used a shallow tray from Homebase I think to grow tomatoes in, but it worked pretty well. I think I’ll try in the kitchen so I can easily sweep/Hoover up! #FamilyFun
    Susie at This Is Me Now recently posted…You are beautifulMy Profile

    1. isntitpretty

      They are on ebay for 12.99 – Tuff spot – lots of colours too! Make sure you have lots of space to hide one away! Ours is hidden in the corner of the room, bit of an elephant really!

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