Celebrating Friday, The Weekend and a Positive Mindset

This past week has literally flown by but has been one of my hardest yet as a parent.  The past 3 days have been tough.  The Robot 2 year old is in full 2 year old mood and has been some what challenging.  I have been assured that most kids get increasingly angsty just before a sibling is born.  Maybe it’s just me being shattered too!

Dave has been super busy the past few days so I’ve been alone a lot. A half term type thing means there hasn’t been the same Mumma support that I’m used too.  Getting out and about is hard alone.   Today though we’ve had a good nights sleep, the sky is blue and we all seem to be in a good mood so far!

It’s the good days I like to remember the most though so while I was sitting admiring my son playing happily I have decided to whip open the laptop and write about how great things are.   Roll on a fun few days…

The Robot is a little chatterbox, he literally doesn’t shut up.  The by product of this is he is starting to come out with some amazing sentences and statements that I am trying my hardest to record down.  They make me giggle and smile when I look back at them.  So this is probably the first of many blog posts like this that capture a little bit of the Robots imagination…

Looking at a picture book with his Daddy… The lion cub licking the lion Mums face.  Robot licks his Daddies cheek, spits and says “prickly.”

At the park with myself and Gran. I refuse to climb and go over wobble bridge and down slide (pregnant). Robot says “no, Mummy is too big, Gran is small, Gran slides, Mummy too big.”

Showing me his fingers, “one willy, two willies, look lots of willies!”

Sat in the bathroom after a luxury two hour bath listening to the boys downstairs… Robot ran into the kitchen shouting “be careful, be careful, no spills” at his daddy.  Not that amusing but made me chuckle!

Walking through the car park… “what’s that in my nose?  Oh, a fly, no worries!”

Dressed in his Halloween costume playing with a number tower.  Holding the number 6 saying “666”

Robert in a baby giraffe outfit holding number blocks

I’ve definitely got a positive mindset on at this precise moment in time.  I hope that it lasts all day and more.  Don’t forget it is Friday today, the weekend is in sight and hopefully everyone is looking forward to it.

For those of you that keep sneaking a peak at my blog to find out whether I’ve had the baby yet… The answer is nope!  I’m in for the long haul!

Have a happy Friday, we’re off to a Halloween Diddi Dance party…


Down at the Station, early in the morning, see the little puffer trains, all in a row, Here comes up the driver to start up the engine, Puff puff, Peep peep, off we go!






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