Cathedral Caves – Langdale

Following on from our Tunnel Obsession a few weeks ago we decided to visit Cathedral Caves at Langdale in the Lake District.  Dave first took me to visit these caves on a cycling trip many years ago and all I could remember was the cave rather than tunnels so I was happy to re-visit them again for the sake of the Robot.

We completely forgot why don’t tend to go into the central Lake District on a weekend let alone a bank holiday weekend.  Our parking spot in Little Langdale was full of cars so we drove round towards Coniston Lake and parked at the top of the quarries at Hodge Close.  This car park was empty but meant a further walk to get to the caves.

On route to the caves the Robot walked most of the way with a few piggy backs and a final last push in the rucksack.  His walking ability always astounds me.   First tunnel of the day meant Dave getting in a stream to show the Robot a tunnel under the path.  The Robot learnt the word “through”!

Dave and Robot in the stream looking through a tunnel

You access the main cave through a nice sized tunnel and to Dave’s amazement the Robot was not too bothered by the tunnel.  Go figure!  The cave itself though is really cool, not cold, stunning.  It has water in it that once upon a previous visit by Dave it apparently had fish in it, definitely not now though.

The Echo in Cathedral Caves Langdale The Lake District

The Robot picked up the echo really quickly and at the top of his voice was shouting “necho” and giggling at the reply.   It’s always really cute when he wants me to do something because his fun was replaced by Mummy, Mummy, getting me to shout echo too.

Robot enjoying the cave

We left the main cave and explored the surrounding quarry network.  There are lots of nooks and entrances to view the caves from different points.  It wouldn’t be a walk now without collecting some sticks…

RObot Running out the tunnel with sticks

At the top of the caves we watched some abseiling children. I can’t wait till the Robot is old enough to enjoy some of these outdoor pursuits, partly because it means I can have a go too.  They had some slate structures here too, which we promptly named as Robot houses, with their tiny doors and tiny rooms and windows.

In an attempt to get in a photo I handed Dave my camera and headed in the house too.  It had a mini hole in the wall that someone had used to build a tiny fire.  It is interesting that the Robot seemed to know how to fire build though because he was getting bits of wood and bark to put in the hole.   We had no matches though so we didn’t start a fire.

House with Mummy1

Although tempting to leave the Robot in his new house we decided to take him back to the car.   Happily in the rucksack he fell asleep 10 seconds before getting back to the car.  Waking him up and heading home in the car it didn’t take him long for him to put his hand in his welly and fall asleep again.

Fast asleep and worn out with his hand in his welly

Did you manage to get away for some outdoor fun this weekend?




  1. Ah this looks like lots of fun. Lots of familyfun at that, see what I did there. One day Karen we are going to meet up at the Lake District. I’ve always wanted to go and it’s near you so what better place?! You Can Take me to these caves! #familyfun
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  2. This post has come to me at the perfect timing, we will be heading off to Lake District later this month so I’m really looking forward it now that I know there will be more things to keep little ones happy. #familyfun

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