Five Month

We tried out our first YHA as a family, Grinton Lodge in North Yorkshire.  The Robot got his first snow while there!  Very magical!  It was such a lovely adventure as this was the only part of the country with snow, just when we happened to be there!  I enjoyed …

Four Month

Feel very blessed to have my little man.  I also don’t have any great adventures to tell of, life being a Mum is all fitting into place and we are getting on with it all!!  Robot now weighs 13lb13oz (6.29kg).

Three Month

At three months old we have been to Scotland in Dave’s Allegro!  We’ve hitch hiked and as ever been on lots of walks, Ingleborough being the biggest.  Robot is gaining personality all the time, he now weighs 12lb4oz (5.58kg).

Two Month

At two months we have travelled to Hexham and Bexhill on Sea to see sets of Grandparents! First long car and train journey.  First time on the London Underground!  I now weigh a delightful 10lb4oz (4.66kg).  We’re finding our feet and daily life!

Two Tiny Hands

Why have I chosen this as a name?  I am completely in love with my little set of tiny hands. Robot is adorable, his hands are perfect.  I hope one day he’ll be able to do so much with these hands. Build friendships, love, careers, education, family,  hope and much …

One Month

The Robot is one month old already.  He weighs 7lb8oz (3.420kg). We have visited Lake Windermere, Kendal, Grange over Sands… We’re we got caught in a thunderstorm outside and had to hide under a poncho in the park.  The train station at Carnforth flooded too!  We caught our first class …


Welcome to my blog! I Am retrospectively writing this as it’s something I wish I had started when I had my son, only being 15 weeks ago I think I can ‘fill’ in the blanks! On the 6th July I gave birth to my beautiful son Robert James at 1.29am. …