Happy Days October 2017

The purpose of this post is to concentrate on all the happy things that have happened over the month. We’ve certainly had some happy moments but being heavily pregnant is starting to take its toll on how happy I can actually feel. I ache now, moving is slow, parent/friend support is spread very thin, poor Dave is juggling work and waiting for that moment I go “I’m in labour”. As of the 29th it’s not yet! I can’t wait… Let’s take a look at some of the happy moments of the past month.

Happy Days September

I can’t quite believe it’s the last day in September today.  It’s gone so quick and I don’t really feel like it’s been fun packed and as full as it could have been.  It’s all been about survival and making it through each day at the time.  We’ve definitely been …

The Wild Trail at Sizergh Castle

The Wild Trail – Sizergh Castle A few of my friends have been mentioning the wild trail at Sizergh Castle is a great free place to go for families.  It was when Abi from the Baby Maze posted a review on her Facebook page with a how to get there …


I’ve got many memories of Bexhill-on-Sea throughout my life. It is the family home of my Dad and even though I didn’t grow up there we visited family often when we were children. Less so in our adult lives but since my Dad has migrated back to his home town the option to visit more with our little family is there.

Sticky Velcro Lolly Sticks

Sticky Velcro Lolly Sticks It’s been ages since I have shared with you any of our playful adventures on the blog. Partly because we have been enjoying the outdoors now the winter has gone and partly because I am just too cream cracked to even try to document any of …

Splash Splash Splash

It seems a bit out of place writing a blog post about the rain when most of the UK has had a mini heat wave and lots of nice spring weatherbut I am going to anyway. The Robot loves to splash. The thunder storm that hit us on Saturday bought some rain. It made me realise how lucky I am to have the Robot.

Cathedral Caves – Langdale

Following on from our Tunnel Obsession a few weeks ago we decided to visit Cathedral Caves at Langdale in the Lake District.  Dave first took me to visit these caves on a cycling trip many years ago and all I could remember was the cave rather than tunnels so I …

Lancaster Canal – Hincaster Tunnel

Today was the last day of our mini holiday, you can read all about the main event over here. We ended up coming home early so had an extra day to go exploring. The Robot has been banging on about tunnels all week and with glorious weather we decided to explore the Hincaster Tunnel on the Lancaster Canal.

Sticky Wall Flower Picture

I first saw Louise from Little Hearts Big Love using sticky back paper to make stained glass windows and have been waiting for the opportunity to try it. Unfortunately though our windows are not low enough so I opted to just use the wall… Sticky Wall Flower Picture It being …