The ABC123 Challenge 

Welcome to the ABC123 Challenge. This is not new to me, back in 2016 I gave this a go as a way to find my writing voice and get into the swing of creating regular blog posts.  3 blogs a week, each week a different letter of the alphabet.  It …

Merry Hexmas 

Merry Hexmas? I hear you ask? Yes. It’s all gone a bit hexagonal in my head the last couple of months! Now it’s Christmas it seems to have got worse.  For the good of my sanity. The world of Instagram has alluded me in the past but ever since setting …

Winter Snow Christmas Sensory Box

When I received some happy mail last month with the little foam package material in, I didn’t get disheartened by the mess opening it created. I turned it into opportunity by creating a Winter Snow Christmas Sensory Box.  What FUN! Squirreling the bits away into a box for a few …

Surviving A Long Train Journey With A Toddler – NO SCREENS!

We’re seasoned train travellers with our little Robot son. He’s 2 and while most our journeys are less than an hour we have destination south coast in our sights. Visiting Family that live across country with a fun-filled 7 hour train journey. Yikes.

With Christmas round the corner quite a lot of people will be considering catching the train to visit family. I figured it would be a good time to share with you a trip I made solo with my toddler back in the Summer. I was a tad daunted to say the least but knew we’d be okay.

Happy Days October 2017

The purpose of this post is to concentrate on all the happy things that have happened over the month. We’ve certainly had some happy moments but being heavily pregnant is starting to take its toll on how happy I can actually feel. I ache now, moving is slow, parent/friend support is spread very thin, poor Dave is juggling work and waiting for that moment I go “I’m in labour”. As of the 29th it’s not yet! I can’t wait… Let’s take a look at some of the happy moments of the past month.

Quilt Blocks -100 Day Challenge  

If you’ve followed Two Tiny Hands for a while now you might have noticed I quite like a challenge. 2017 has been a whole different challenge to the blog challenges I set myself in 2016, heck, I’ve grown a baby! Since discovering the wonders of the quilting world over on Instagram I have come across a few quilt block challenges that I really want to take part in next year.

Happy Days September

I can’t quite believe it’s the last day in September today.  It’s gone so quick and I don’t really feel like it’s been fun packed and as full as it could have been.  It’s all been about survival and making it through each day at the time.  We’ve definitely been …

A Pipe Dream, Reality or Hobby?

Becoming a parent, one that stays at home, does something to your confidence, it wrecks it, at least mine anyway.  I feel like I’ve become a little bit socially awkward and I often stay away from situations where I’ve got to talk to people I don’t know.   That makes me …

The Wild Trail at Sizergh Castle

The Wild Trail – Sizergh Castle A few of my friends have been mentioning the wild trail at Sizergh Castle is a great free place to go for families.  It was when Abi from the Baby Maze posted a review on her Facebook page with a how to get there …


I’ve got many memories of Bexhill-on-Sea throughout my life. It is the family home of my Dad and even though I didn’t grow up there we visited family often when we were children. Less so in our adult lives but since my Dad has migrated back to his home town the option to visit more with our little family is there.

Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside

Last week the Robot and I took a mini epic solo trip down to the South coast to visit my Dad and the Robots Grandad. We’ve not been down to Bexhill since the Robot was 5 months old and boy has he changed since then. After a 7 hour train journey and 5 train changes we arrived for a couple of days of fun.