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Welcome to #FamilyFunLinky Week 46

Family Fun is for all bloggers of all shapes and sizes. A supportive little community to share anything you want.  Once the link up ends on a Friday night you get to vote on your favourite blog posts to see if you’ll be a #FamilyFun Number One!

I can’t help but at least mention the weather a little bit.  It’s so changeable.  The BBC Weather app is my most used app and every time I look at it it’s changed from rain cloud to sun and back to thunderstorms.  Thankfully I think we live in a little bit of a pocket and my weather seems to be dry when we need it to be but it doesn’t half make you sigh when you look out the window at torrential rain.   Least it’s July August now so if we get caught out in it it’s warm.

Where the hell did August happen!  Seriously this year is flying by, before I know it I’ll be nursing a new-born and trying to survive the rollercoaster of having 2 children!  It’s still the summer holidays though, 2nd week in and half way through this week.  We are coping, only just.  Holding on to the thought that the weekend is almost upon us and we can have some fun with Daddy.

We normally spend a lot of the time in the park in term time but the holiday has bought the big kids onto our territory.  Most of them are okay with little kids around but there are a few that don’t realise 2 year olds are not toys!  This means we’ve been hanging round the house and garden a little bit more.  I’m surprised I can confine him to this as much as I have.  I miss my play groups!!    We have however been getting used to the Robots toddler trike a bit more and he very much wouldn’t let me help him the other day, so I used the handle as a hoodie rack and let him go ahead of me.  I can’t wait to get him on a real bike one day!!

Robot on his bike

That’s enough of me… on to all the important bits…

The Winner of “I’m a #FamilyFun Number One”

This weeks winner of “I’m a #FamilyFun Number One” goes to Susie from This is Me Now for Learning to Accept Body Changes During Pregnancy.  I am totally with Susie on this post, it’s not easy!  Well done you can pick up the badge code for your badge here.

My Featured Post

This week my featured post goes to Jeremy from Thirsty Daddy for A New Way To Nap.  I do like Jeremy for his vast and varied blog posts.  This one touched on the battles of sleep or indeed naps and made me smile so if you didn’t read it do have a look!  Thanks for linking up, you can pick up the badge code for your badge here.

Click here to see Sarahs featured post.

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