How to Make a Cardboard Box Oven

How to Make a Cardboard Box Oven

We’ve had this particular cardboard box for a few months now.  It has pretty much remained in toy circulation throughout that time.  Everyone always says that all kids are happiest when they have a box to play with.

It’s true and their imagination can run wild.   We used the box before Christmas as a light sensory room and a post box.  Since then it’s pretty much been used as a tunnel, cave and colouring mat.

The last week or so the Robot has been taking an interest in cooking and feeding.  Yes feeding.  He feeds his teddies and me from a variety of different containers with a “num num num” from him..  If we had a tea set that would be great but we don’t so I willing accept Duplo cups of tea and “food” from a stacking cup!

He also really enjoys our play group cooking corner too.  Unfortunately we don’t really have the space or budget to buy him a kitchen at home but did think this box would make the perfect oven!!  Here is the finished article followed by a How To!

Cardboard Box Cooker

How to Make a Cardboard Box Oven

Tape up the bottom of the box so it’s nice and secure.  We used silver tape because that’s all we had.  With a pen knife cut down all four sides to the height of the cooker hob. This is dependant on your child and box size so you have to use your imaginations a bit..

Cardboard Box Oven How to Guide
As I mentioned at the start we used this box at Christmas time so ignore the fact I have a hole and text on my box!

Next job the door, we choose to have it open from the left but it really doesn’t matter!  Cut 3 sides so you have a flap. We left a couple of inches round the edge so the box kept some strength.  I recommend using a ruler to draw the door before cutting as my free hand was very wonky.

We folded the sides of the box down inside so it became a shelf in the middle of the oven and taped it in place.  We’re looking a bit like this now:

cardboard box Oven how to guide

Four hands is better than two when sticking the shelf in place.  Thankfully my Mum was on hand to help with this project while the Robot napped.

The next job is to fold the front of the box down to make the hob top and the back of the box to make the cooker back. Tape it all in place. We stuck a bit of tape inside too to hold it better.  That’s very brief but I hope that it is self explanatory but we’re looking like this now:

cardboard box cooker How to guide

Next, the decorations all made with scrap paper we have in the house.  I really could have got carried away with this and covered lots of  it but in reality all I did was the hob, front door and a clock on the back.  We put a clock and a smiley face on our cooker top but you could do anything with yours!

The handles are the tricky bit.  All you need is some plastic milk bottle lids, card, string and a needle:

Making a Cardboard box oven Pierce the lids with the needle and thread through onto a strip of cardboard, make a 2nd hole and thread back through so you have a hoop. Tie it off with a normal knot.  We stuck silver tape on the bottle lids to make it stronger. Repeat again. We did 3 buttons altogether.

Stick the card with the lids/ buttons on to the cooker.  With the door knob put it straight onto the door rather than on a separate piece of card.

Ta da, one oven:

How to make a cardboard box Oven

Let’s see if the Robot loves his new toy…

Well I think it’s safe to say it’s a thumbs up.  I dare say if I’d left him to his own devices the box would have been a car or rocket but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!  The best thing about it in a few months time if it get’s wrecked I can just chuck it out in the recycling knowing that I’ve 1. Not wasted any money or 2. Not added to the big toy landfill in the sky!

How about you have you created any elaborate cardboard box creations yet? If so what?

Why not follow my Cardboard Box Pinterest Board for some more crazy cardboard box ideas…



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  2. This is brilliant. You are so creative. I don’t know why we bother buying toys because the kids are always happy enough with the boxes aren’t they ha. Molly loves playing with her kitchen, tea set and plastic food and is always ‘feeding me’. I don’t mind that, it’s when she wants to feed me her real pre chewed food that I have a problem with haha.
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