Can I Have the Time Please? Unique Watch from Jord Wood Watches

wooden watchCan I Have the Time Please?

With the age of mobile technology came the demise of my watch.  Come to think of it, I don’t think I have worn a watch for over 10 years.   My mobile phone is my time keeping piece.   This is fair enough but my 15 month old son is becoming increasingly attracted to my mobile phone.

It’s not convenient anymore to have my phone on show as his grubby little fingers want to play with it.  Being a busy Mum though I really need to know the time and I often find myself asking people, “Can I have the time please?”

Time (no pun intended) needs to change and it was highly convenient to be in contact with Jord Wood Watches who would help me with my time keeping!

Unique Watch from Jord Wood WatchesWooden watch

Jord Watches are based in America and make really cool wood watches.  Everything apart from the watch mechanism is made from wood.  There are many different styles and different woods that make them pretty special in my opinion.   Jord Wood Watches have kindly sent me a Womans Watch from their Fieldcrest range – my style Zebrawood and Maple.

Being a outside loving individual I love natural materials and I was instantly drawn to these watches.  A truly unique watch beautifully made and stylishly crafted.  They come in a beautiful wooden box with care instructions too.  On ordering you can specify your wrist size and they’ll send the watch ready fitted to your size.   No need to panic if it’s for a gift though as they will send you the extra links so you can get it re-sized at home.

watch at zooI’ve been wearing it all week and have to say although it seems a little bulky at first its really light so it doesn’t even feel like I’m wearing it.   I even took it to the zoo with me to meet the Meerkats!

Overall I am totally impressed with Jord Watches.  Extremely helpful and enthusiastic about their brand.   As someone who hasn’t had a watch for so long I couldn’t recommend them enough.  Thank you.
Luxury Wood Watch

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This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches – All opinions are my own.


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