Camping Trip To The Dudden Valley

We have been keeping an eye on the weather forecast this past week because all the nice spring weather we’ve been having seemed like a good idea to have our first camping trip.  We took off to the Dudden Valley in the Lake District to visit one of our favourite campsites; Turner Hall Farm at Seathwaite.   It feels like it’s in the middle of nowhere and is exactly what we look for in a campsite.  Plenty of places to hide between rocks from other campers!

We got there quite late and although we had good intentions to cook pasta and pesto we ended up pitching our tent and walking down the road to the pub for tea.  Not the warmest evening it was the better way to spend it than sat getting used to our new home surroundings in the tent.

Our last camping trip last year the Robot went to bed in the dark and was up with the birds so we expected the same this time.  We kept him awake till dusk and he slept well.  I however woke up loads in the night checking if he was warm enough, the forecast said 8 degrees so although I knew he’d be okay I was paranoid.   He was fine and even slept till a whopping 7.45am!  Considering the birds were up and singing from about 5.30 I was amazed!

Robot sleeps alone

With porridge fuelled tummies we packed up some sandwiches and headed off onto the hills up a track to Seathwaite tarn.  A perfect amble for a Friday morning stroll!   In the picture below we worked out the hills in the background were the same hills you saw in A Day Trip to West Cumbria.  It’s Scafell Pike England’s largest mountain.  In this picture it looks quite small!

Dave and robot with lake district hills in the back ground

Here we are a Seathwaite Tarn.  Not the best picture of the tarn, we had a grumpy passenger and we didn’t stop at the edge for long as we needed to find a spot to have lunch out of the wind.

Family selfie at the reservoir

On the way back down the hill the Robot fell asleep.  When we got back to the campsite he was still asleep so we took the opportunity to chill out and nap ourselves.  Bonus naps!   Later that afternoon we headed off into the village to get food supplies and play at the park.

This is where I tell you about the cooking.  Dave is chief cook when we camp, it’s his camping stove so I leave him to it.  Did he surprise me that evening.  He cooked steak, potatoes and sugar snaps with gravy for us and tomato pasta for the Robot.  He did all this with 2 small pans and pan lid.  That’s it.   I really don’t know how he manages it because at home he’s got pans all over the kitchen.  Although if you see his cooking zone below he’s tried very hard to juggle things.

Dave cooking tea on a stove

Meanwhile it was my job to entertain the Robot.  A job that was made easy by his love of the car.  All he wanted to do was drive the car.  Making sure we had the keys he was happy to hang out in the car playing with the radio.  Thankfully he’s not able to take the hand break off yet, we’ll have to ban this play zone on future trips.

robot driving the car

After tea we started to wind down the evening to tackle bed time.  The sun had come out in the evening which meant the cloud cover had gone.  It was going to be a cold night.  Wrapping us all up warm we snuggled down in the tent and all fell asleep by 8.30pm.   I love how being outdoors all day makes you sleep!  However it got colder and colder.  By midnight I needed to wee so escaped the safety of my warm sleeping bag.  Robot checks and he wasn’t too cold but chucked an extra blanket on him.

He woke in the night wanting boob a few times, it meant he was cold and I was too!  This is when I got him in my sleeping bag with me.  He’s not that small anymore and it was a squeeze.  It worked though he was warm and sleepy.  I wasn’t but that was a sacrifice I had to make!  Here we are in the morning with me hanging out of my sleeping bag trying not to move but needing too;

Robot sleeps in Mummy sleeping bag

Dave left the tent first.  He laughed and told me that there is a thick frost, no wonder it was cold, below zero.  So happy that we made it through the night!   Wrapped in jumpers and blanket we left the tent to sit in the sun that was rapidly burning the frost away.  Cuddles with Mummy and a banana was what we needed!

Mummy having a morning cuddle

Beautiful blue skies for the rest of the day we hung out at the campsite all morning.  We made the decision to pack up and head home, with another clear sky ahead the last thing we wanted was another sub zero night in the tent.

On the way home we stopped at Ravenglass for some lunch and the views were amazing.

ravenglass coast line

We chose Ravenglass for the railway.   The Robot is really getting into trains so we figured he’d enjoy this.  As well as playing at the park and getting to eat ice cream of course!  We visited Ravenglass last summer when we camped in Eskdale but I am not sure that the Robot remember this!!

steam train

All in all a very good trip.  We’d loved to have stayed an extra night but honestly it would have been too cold at night.  Not ideal with a small person.   We can’t wait for more trips over the coming warmer months!!



  1. Wow, I’m seriously impressed by Dave’s cooking skills – what a feast to serve up with just a camping stove! It’s been lovely weather, but I can imagine how cold it must be at night – I’m definitely not up for camping this early on in the year (who am I kidding, my husband is having to work pretty hard at persuading me that camping is a good idea at all!) The steam train looks wonderful – I know my son would absolutely love that! #FamilyFun
    Katy – Hot Pink Wellingtons recently posted…Living Arrows 15/52My Profile

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely time. I camped once when I was younger for only one night – we had torrential rain and gale force winds. The tent kept falling down as we lay in it, we were soaking and the tent was basically sat in a mud bath.. Never really been a camping fan since that I do think about trying it again from time to time but then I remember my first attempt and decide not to bother haha #familyfun
    Sam – StressyMama recently posted…10 Ways I’m Rocking Motherhood… #RockingMotherhoodMy Profile

  3. Ah wow that is a Stirling effort from Dave to rustle up steaks in said conditions. It would be warmed soup all the way if I was in charge. Brrr that is a very cold night and I bet you were very snug in the sleeping g bag. Yes you’re right we holiday different but minus the cold it sounds like you had a great time and should my kids ever want to camp I will definitely come to you for advice, or send them with you lol. #familyfun
    Tammymum recently posted…#FamilyFun…Week 30My Profile

  4. You deserve a medal. I hate camping and I hate the cold. There is no way on earth I would have camped in the lake district for fun! It would have had to be for a considerable amount of money or because I’d been abandoned out there!
    That said, camping is some of the best and clearest memories I have of my childhood – camping in the hot african bush, NOT the foggy lake district. I still wouldn’t do that now though.

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  6. Burrr! You are so hardy and brave and even managing to take photos through it all too, I’ve just shivered thinking about Easter camping! Looks like Robot was just fine with you to cuddle up to and a sleeping bag to share. I bet you slept soundly on your first night back home! Well done Dave on the cooking and I love the look of the railway at Ravenglass, I remember how excited Robot was by the train at Coombe Mill so I can imagine this was a big success. Thrilled to spot our car sticker still in your car, that made me smile.

    Thank you for sharing your adventure with me on #CountryKids
    Fiona Cambouropoulos recently posted…Friday is our little Hero  My Profile

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