CABS – A Home Birth Story

Time has a habit of distorting memories and I think with birth stories this is a good thing.  Not that I had particularly difficult birth that I want to mask I just wanted to wait before I started tapping out something so special and personal to me.

As with the Robot, baby CABS (I’m rolling with this blog name) arrival was a week late, cue fed up pregnant Mum… I’d always liked the idea of a home birth but figured with the blood pressure issues I had with the Robots birth that I’d end up in hospital again 2nd time round.

Not deterred though I asked for a home birth with a I’ll just go to hospital if I need to approach. I declined getting a birthing pool and had the home birth pack ready and waiting should we need it.  This relaxed approach to a plan just sums up my parenting and life style!

Onto the big day…

Waking up at 1am for the nocturnal trip to empty my bladder I went back to bed to try sleep.  It became apparent that something was going on, contractions!!

Dave had already given up on me because I snored so I was alone in bed counting contractions.  When I’d established by 2am that this was happening I decided to get up and pack my hospital bag, even at a week over due I’d left it till the last-minute!

Note: even with a planned home birth you still need a hospital bag ready just incase.

I did have all the stuff handy so it was just a case of putting it in the bag, so 10 minutes later I’d finished. Alone still, I wondered what to do next while I waited.  As Dave was in the Robots room I didn’t really want to go wake him so he could be tired too. My theory being that he’s hopeless when tired and I needed go to action Dave for the babies arrival wherever and whenever that may be.

Downstairs and feeling pro active I got on with the washing up. That done I didn’t want to just sit around and not able to go hiking at 3am (Read the Robots birth story) I decided to bake an apple cake with the apples we’d had kicking about for a few weeks. Yes I baked.

Meanwhile, I started writing down contractions to keep an eye on frequency.  Cake prepped and in the oven and now nearly 4am I started hanging up the washing indoors. It’s while doing this I realised I was getting that illusive 3 contractions in 10 minutes. That golden moment they say to ring the delivery suit to say you’re in labour.

Finishing the washing first I then sat and rang the midwives, telling them I was a planned home birth.  They then called the community midwives to send someone to check on me and how far I was along.

It was 4.30 nearing 5am by now, it was starting to get serious, paracetamol had touched the edges but it was time to get in the bath… with the midwife on route I figured I’d get Dave up (had you forgotten about him?), after all I needed him to answer the door!

He totally got up stealth like leaving the Robot asleep so I could tell him what was happening. Midwife on route, it hurts, I’m having a bath. Go put a plastic sheet on the bed, oh there’s a cake in the oven, can you check it?  Later he told me he thought I was joking about the cake…

The Robot. His birth plan was to get picked up by my Mum.  So hanging on till 5.30 I gave her a call to say it’s happening, come now, he’s asleep so just hang around downstairs I guess!

The midwife arrived about 5.50 who set on with my first checks. My Mum arrived about 6 so least we had the Robot covered.   Thankfully my blood pressure was ok leaving us free to home birth!  Next step was to see what stage I was at; 8cms dialated people, I clearly handle pain well.

The second midwife got put on call to come now… I’m hazy on time now but the Robot woke up and wanted a cuddle through a particularly painful contraction.  Yay.  He got sent downstairs with Dave and to tell my Mum this is happening you might as well stay.

Oh Gas and Air, magic stuff, came next… it certainly takes the edge off and makes you achieve a zen like state.   The 2nd midwife arrived and they did being busy around me.  Throughout this time I’d got into a kneeling position at the end of the bed where I stayed till the end.

My writing has a sort of “la la la” flimsy, easy approach to being in labour.  “Oh look, I baked a cake, jumped in and out the bath, pottered around, look at me aren’t I great”.  Honestly though it bloody hurts, you do whatever you can to get through it.  Yes I did all that stuff but it’s me, it’s how I deal with things, zen all the way!

Kneeling on the floor in the midst of active labour, cradling the gas and air, forgetting to breath, forgetting to push, forgetting.  Panic set in, actual swearing, I was doing this at home, minimal intervention, no hospital back up. I just can’t.  Focus.

Time was on my side.  The second midwife had arrived about 7am. My panic happened as I was close.  I focused and got a grip of myself and my breathing.  7.42am my little baby girl, Chloe Ann, came into this world at 7lb14, passed to me straight away for the best icky hug ever.

a very squishy new born baby

Come back next week for the next installment of my home birth story…  Yes she’s here but there really is more to be said!!

<<<<<  The observant of you will have noticed me referring to Chloe as CABS on the blog since she arrived.  Going forth this will be her blog name.  I know I’m weird but I’ve been rolling with the Robot for two years now it seems weird to use real names.  Watch this space for a blog overhaul including header as suggested in my bucket list soon >>>>>


  1. It’s lovely that you’ve written it down. Something i;ve long considered but haven’t quite felt I’d like to yet. I’m really pleased you had a smooth time and were able to birth where you wnated. I ADORED my homebirth. Such a happy memory for me despite the obvious pain. It’s not one i want to repeat but it really is in the top 3 happy memories in my memorybank #familyfun
    Lucy at occupation: (m)other recently posted…Reasons To Love JanuaryMy Profile

  2. Oh I love a good birth story. Congratulations to you all and well done to you. It’s great writing it all down, I still read mine back now after all of these years, there always seem to be bits that you forget! #familyfun

  3. That’s amazing! Sounds like such a chilled birth. I love that you made a cake. I remember phoning husband at work to say my waters had broke and I was having contractions. He flew into a proper panic to rush home. I packed a bag, made a sandwich and watched Emmerdale! Welcome back and congratulations! #familyfunlinky
    Donna recently posted…The Benefits of Eating as a FamilyMy Profile

  4. I mean Dave could be forgiven of thinking you were joking about the cake. Loving the serenity of this story Karen, sound like you had this one well under control. I think when the panic bit kicks in you know baby is about to be born. I think I had a bit of wobble both time very shortly before they arrived into the world! I remember with T I said ‘I am never doing this again’ in a bit of a tizz and moments later he arrived! Looking forward to the next instalment my dear and good to have you back! x
    Tammymum recently posted…Familyfun…Week 63My Profile

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