C is for Caterpillar

Make your Own Caterpillar

Drinking milk is a toddler requirement isn’t it? Save those bottle tops to have a go at making a caterpillar!  We go through so much milk it was easy to accumulate enough and more tops than we ever needed.  We even got Gran saving hers so we could have different colours.


  • Bottle tops
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Eyes
  • Glue
  • Screwdriver (or similar hole making tool)

milk bottle tops pipe cleaners eyes and glue

Collect and wash your bottle tops.  Get your toddler to sort them while you make the holes and when they realise how much fun it looks, then you can assist them making holes.  We used a screwdriver to do this.  The plastic is so flimsy that it is easy enough to pop the lids in the centre. It makes a pretty cool popping noise that the Robot loved too.  Hence why he wanted to make the holes himself!

Next job is to tie a simple knot at the end of a pipe cleaner. This is easy enough as pipe cleaners are metal.  Then thread the bottle tops on till you have filled it and given enough space to tie a knot the other end.

I’d like to say how the Robot practiced his fine motor skills by threading them himself but he really wasn’t interested in helping with this when we made them.  He was content sorting the bottle lids out and helping me count the lids onto the pipe cleaner.

Once the main part of the caterpillar is done. Get some glue and stick on your eyes.  It’s as simple as that:

cute little eye and nose of the pipe cleaner

If you are lucky enough to have different colours you can get creative making stripes and things but I’ll leave that up to you.  We certainly gave it a go:

3 bottle top catermillars all lined up in a row

The Robot then had fun playing with them, they waggle well.  With some silly voices and imagination it passed a small gap of bordem in our day!

Why not check out Spider Sandwiches to see how else you can use bottle tops. Have you got any other genius ideas for bottle tops?


  1. Mel

    What a lovely idea. So simple as well. I wish I had the skill to think up stuff like this. I always keep egg boxes to do crafty things and then throw them away as I have no idea what to do with them! #FamilyFun

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