Bullet Train – Happy Days

Woah one minute I was writing about heading to Blackpool Zoo the next it was a whole week later and time to start my round up again. Seriously fast, I don’t think I’ve had a week go so fast in such a long time.  Total Bullet Train moment.

School term life has begun and the Robot had survived his first 2.5 days at nursery school. Play groups, soft play, exercise classes, sew sessions, nursery drop off and pick ups have played their parts in making this week fly and I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

Exhausted but happy. baby CABS has been a tad unhelpful with regards to sleep and could explain my exhaustion but think I’ve been promised a lie in this weekend!!

The Happy Bits

A moment to look back and reflect on the happy moments in my week.

– Blackpool Zoo visit.  It’s been five years since I visited the zoo and they’ve done loads of work and I was really impressed.  The dinosaur exhibit was the Robots favourite bit and he was asking us to tell him what all the displays said.  A fun day out.

a t rex

– Every parents worst nightmare is an afternoon nap but the Robot made it all the way back from Blackpool without sleeping.  A serious happy moment!

– Getting to hang out with friends at soft play.

– The end of the summer means that play groups are back on again and it felt weird as if the summer never happened.

– With the Robot at nursery I promised myself some exercise and I’ve started a Mum class that I can take CABS to.

– The Robots last day before nursery meant more soft play and lunch out together, it was a fun way to spend some time together.

– Robots first day at nursery went without a hitch. I went on an unexpected 5 mile walk and by the time I got home I was so excited to see him.

– Getting to eat lunch and cake in peace!

– Having some quality time with baby CABS. So nice and something we’ve not really done before.

– Robot being brave and going to nursery school when he didn’t want to. He was fine!

– The Robots reward for his first week was a fun trip to get ice cream and an hour at the library to end a fun packed week.

That’s it this week hope you have a great week!

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