Building a Bug Paradise

After searching for bugs in my garden on Friday it’s clear to say that it was pretty dismal.  A worm and a few spider webs is all that could be found.  It’s time to make my garden a bit more bug friendly.

Building a Bug Paradise

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This is where I wish I had a big back garden and I could build a pretty cool bug hotel or have a pond for frogs.  Alas I am not that fortunate so will make do with my mini back garden.   The Wildlife Trust shared the following instructions on how to make a mini nature reserve.  I’ve decided that I can have a go at this as mini fits well with my garden!

A poster on how to build a mini nature reserve

My equipment

  • Window box with compost in
  • Yoghurt Pot
  • Selection of stones
  • Log
  • Bark
  • Bamboo cane
  • string
  • Something to cut the bamboo cane

Compost in a pot, yoghurtpot log, bark, stones, sticks

The bamboo cane is something I’ve added to the list from the initial instructions, I decided to add a mini bug hotel to my nature reserve.   I cut the bamboo up into 10cm sticks and tied a little bundle up with string.

The whole thing is really simple to put together. I made a hole for the yoghurt pot and filled this with water.  I stuck the log in upright and placed some bark around it.  The stones I arranged on the over side of my yoghurt pot pond.

Then place it somewhere good in the garden. I’ve placed mine somewhere my little Robot won’t be able to pull it over!

Bug Habitat made.

I’ll come back to this at the end of the month to see what has happened.  Wish us luck!  Are you getting involved in the #30DaysWild Challenge?  What have you done to encourage wildlife into the garden?


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  1. Brilliant, look forward to hearing if anything takes up residence…I’m sure it will. We love turning out garden into wildlife reserves (it’s my husband’s dream to manage a reserve but we make do with out tiny little patch!). Well placed rocks and bits of old wood are good. And wild flowers. We made a little tiny pond and had frogs as well as all sorts of other things. It’s also easy to build your own solitary bee boxes isn’t it…like your bamboo canes, I wonder if they’ll come, how exciting! We wall mounted ours on a shady wall and possibly had slightly longer canes just so they have big tubes for their nesting business…did you know they make the first section empty to thwart invaders. It really works. We had lots of bees come to ours.I’m getting overexcited and waffling. Good luck! #triballove
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