Breastfeeding, the things they don’t tell you 

I knew I always wanted to try breastfeeding, I figured it is the most natural thing to do.  I was surprised to learn that I wasn’t breast fed as a baby, I just assumed I had been! My mum had her own reasons that I won’t go into.

I started to do some research into breast feeding before having the Robot. I found lots of information about how hard it is at first. Painful, never ending, the list seemed endless!  I went along to classes and got great advice.  I went into feeding expecting the worst.

The first night was the worst, alone, in the hospital and running on adrenaline! Robot, I now know was cluster feeding to get my milk supply going, but it took till 4am for someone to tell me that just keeping on feeding him was the right thing to do!

At home I kept at it, Robot put weight on fine for the first couple of days but he started losing weight again. The Advice was to bottle feed him some formula after a breast feed to teach him what a full tummy felt like. I felt like a failure but was still determined to breast feed so got more advice.  Breast massage before hand was the best advice, stimulating the flow for when Robot latched on.

The advice is that baby should be back to birth weight by 10 days. The Robot took 23 days. Since talking to other mums it seems that most breast fed babies don’t reach the 10 day target. You think this should be more widely known as it puts unnecessary stress on new Mums!

I only fed extra formula for 3 days. I now am exclusively breast feeding and although is tiring being the soul feeder I am enjoying the special hugs, quiet night feeds and extra smiles!

After all he won’t want my milk on demand forever 😀

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