Breaded Hake and Veggie Chips

Breaded Hake with Veggie Chips

This recipe is all about the Hake.  I’ll let you find your own way with the trimmings.


  • Hake fillets
  • Bread crumbs
  • coriander
  • Lime
  • Butter

I’m having a chuck things together week and really haven’t recorded any quantities down.  I’ll happily tell you my method though.   Make the breadcrumbs in a food mixer, add grated lime and chopped coriander.  I squirted a little lime in too, don’t make it too soggy.   Put the fillets on an oven tray.  I put very thin slivers of butter on top of the fish and sprinkled the bread crumbs on top.  This went in the oven for 20-25ish minutes at 180c until fish looked cooked and the topping had browned a little.

Breaded Hake

We served this with a jacket potato, veggie chips and brocoli.  It would also be nice with boiled potatoes.  Adding the butter was a bit of a luxury as it added moisture, so if you are dieting you could omit this and it would still work.

The Robot didn’t touch the fish but loved his chips!  He doesn’t seem to eat white food at the moment!  Dave who was almost late home from work appreciated all my hard work and love it too!

#ABC123 is a challenge I have set myself to complete 26 weeks of posts, every week a different letter of the alphabet.  This week was the letter H.  At the beginning of the week I struggled with what to make for H and now I’ve ended up doing a double H!




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