A Brand New Day Vacation Round Up Half Way

It’s the middle of August and the weather hasn’t been that favorable.   We in the Two Tiny Hands household have not let the windy drizzly weather get in our way though.  We’ve been out on plenty of outings and crawled around in wet grass, walked up hills and along beaches.  Nothing will stop us.

dave having a picnic

As promised I have a half way round-up of #ABrandNewDay in August and I’m sharing with you a few of my favourite blogs.  I really appreciated the kind words from you about the need to take a break away from my link up over the Summer, Thank you.

I’m bored with playing!

The things I share on my blog are often very positive and fun, I rarely share with you the moments when I am feeling a bit down.  One of the things that I hide behind is the fun play but in reality is sometimes the lack of play with my son.  It gets boring from time to time and sometimes I crave a bit of adult company in the day time not just at bed time.   Kate Orson has shared with us tips on how to have fun playing with our kids.  Its only natural to get bored over repetitive games and tasks, that’s okay!  I’ve practiced some intense shorter play with the Robot recently and both of us have been a lot happier.

Joie de Vivre

What better way to follow in is my next post from Reflections From Me – Joie de Vivre.   Grab a little happiness and live life to the full.  I particularly liked the idea of living life through the eyes of my child.  Everything is new and exciting as a child and when becoming an adult that innocence is lost.

Robot crouched on the floor in combat dungarees holding a toy tractor, he is beaming at the camera

Grab a book or two or three

Blogging and parenting have really scuppered my ability to read books, heck, I read loads online but not a physical book, or even my kindle..  When I read Mindful mummy’s Mission – Books by my bedside I had to hang my head in shame.  I really haven’t read a book in over a year.  I used to read all the time, always had a book in hand.  I even got a book out the library and promptly returned it, I need to change this habit!

Ice Cream, get your Ice Cream

The weather may not be that warm and cuddly but it is the Summer so that means Ice Cream. When having an ice cream I could get away with letting the Robot have a lick while I eat the rest of it.  It’s got that stage now that he wants that little bit more for himself.  Cue my disappointment, but then delight when I read Sneaky Spinach Ice lollys from Squished Blueberries.  The perfect answer for me is to make my own Ices for the Robot to eat.  Saves money and will probably be that little bit healthier than shop bought stuff.

robot eating a ice lolly

I’m giving a HUGE Shout out to Mindful Mummy, who has gone out of her way to comment on double the amount of posts that she needed too.  THANK YOU!  There is still time to come back and see if you can knock her off the top spot to be the highest commenter…

ABrandNewDay August is still open for links.  Why don’t you swing back and take a look:

A Brand New Day in Vacation Mode!

I’ll see you in a 2 weeks time with my end of the month round up.   I’ll have some exciting news to tell you!



  1. Ah thanks so much for the ‘shout out’ – I love your linky for all the good ideas about keeping body and soul together so it’s a pleasure to read the blogs that link up. So pleased you have had a happy couple of weeks despite the weather and are still getting outdoors on your lovely long walks plenty. We’ve just got back from the beach today – so good to see the sea! I too love all Kate’s advice and think the short periods of intense play are definitely the way forward. Pls don’t hang your head in shame about not reading a ‘real’ book for ages – that was not the intention – just trying to motivate myself to read a bit more really. I will be much quieter posting and commenting in the next couple of weeks as am taking my summer blogging break (supposedly!). Can’t wait to hear your news, have a good couple of weeks x
    Mindful Mummy Mission recently posted…Could Olympians inspire our young people to give Mindfulness a go?My Profile

    1. isntitpretty

      Thank you, I think that is the nicest longest comment I’ve had in a while! I am enjoying the break and my blog is not at the forefront of my mind so I am enjoying a little bit of down time here and there. K

  2. I can not thank you enough, this means so much to me! I feel so lucky! I know how you feel about the ‘book’ thing I just can’t seem to read as much as I want to lately. Life is so busy and then when I get into bed I am so tired. Take care beautiful an thank you again xx

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