Blackpool Illuminations 2016

My Birthday outing this year was to go and see the Blackpool Illuminations.  I was a kid the last time I saw them and Dave has never seen them so we figured that it would be nice to take the Robot.  Anything sparkly seems quite magical to little eyes.

This isn’t the first year that I’ve wanted to go and see them, I’ve said the last couple of years, let’s go.  Only to find that they had closed for the year already.  I need to remember that they finish at the end of half term for future years.    This year we were prompted by my Mum who just happened to be in Blackpool this last weekend for a line dancing event.

We decided to go and meet her for an afternoon stroll along the sea front with her.  At this point the Robot had given in and gone to sleep on me…Dave Karen and a sleepy Robot on the seafrontHe looks so small in the picture like a newborn carry, but I swear he is there in all his 16 month glory all snuggled up tight.  We ended up walking around the big illuminated signs at dusk rather than in the dark due to the time and the cold.  We liked the Alice in Wonderland one the best.

Alice in Wonderland Illuminations

We caught the train to Blackpool as we’d been warned about the traffic being horrendous through the illuminations.   We also bought day passes for the trams so we could hop on and off them to different sections of the sea front.  The Robot loves things that move.  Everything is a car, so getting to ride on the trains and trams was pretty amazing for him.

He is a little charmer too, everyone was considered acceptable to play peekaboo with and everyone got his cheeky smile!  I honestly don’t know where he gets it from!

Karen and Robot on the tram

As tea time approached we left my Mum to her dancing and we caught the tram to the end at Starr Gate to find somewhere to eat.  Dave is a forward thinker and had already sussed out somewhere on trip advisor.  I totally recommend doing this as we normally end up eating at some really quaint and lovely places.   We ate at a little Italian called Ambrosinis, we’d never have ended up here if we hadn’t looked and booked in advance.

The atmosphere was brilliant and the food was delicious.  My little man was a star and not only ate like a pro but behaved impeccably.  At one point I even felt like Dave and I were on a date on our own.  I couldn’t be more proud.

Robot at the restaurant

Being at one end of the tram line meant we could catch the tram and see all the illuminations from start to finish on the way back to the train station.  I can only apologise for living in the moment and not taking any pictures of them.   I assure you that we had fun looking at them!

All in all, we had a lovely and very different day out.  We’ve decided that we are going to go back to Blackpool next Summer so we can go on the beach and eat an ice cream or two!

Have you been to Blackpool before?  Do you rely on tripavisor for your culinary excapades?




  1. I have never been to Blackpool, and obviously never seen the illuminations. I wonder if I have missed out. I have to admit I was hoping to see some pictures of them when I clicked on your post, but I love the fact that you didn’t and just enjoyed being in the moment 🙂

    1. isntitpretty

      Ha ha, I’m sorry to disappoint. Glad I got away with it. I’ll definately go back when my son is older and walking and can perhaps stay awake later too. At 16 months he’s probably a little bit small for them.

  2. I like it when parents take the kids to a restaurant, we always have to. They get used to a different environment and get used to behave restaurant appropriate way. We were also always lucky with her behaviour when out and about. The meltdowns generally cames once we were back home. And yes we do look on tripadvisor, however sometimes the bad reviews from tourists on a place are too overwhelming while the place itself is actually liked by locals a lot. Some reviewers on there like to be negatieve about everything. #countrykids

    1. isntitpretty

      Yes we do take trip advisor with a pinch of salt sometimes. Some of the reviews are hilarious! Thats lovely to hear that there are other children with good manners. We took him to a pub for lunch again today and he was as good as gold again. It gives us a lot of hope to continue going out!

  3. I’ve thought about taking me 2 children to the Blackpool Illuminations before, but for some reason or another we’ve never made it over there. I think they would like it though, and my youngest would definitely like the tram rides!

  4. Oh yes, you have to live in the moment some times and forget you’re a blogger!
    I haven’t seen Blackpool illuminations before, apart from on Strictly Come Dancing (!) but your day out sounds just lovely. And your little man must’ve known it was a special day for well behaved!

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