Bin men on strike!

It would please me immensely if the bin min were on actual strike, they would be trying to get better wages or better working conditions.  A purpose.  Two doors down and three doors up, they are getting their bins emptied.  It’s the four houses in the middle that are suddenly being ignored.  We are one of those houses.  We live in a terrace with front doors onto a busy main road, just a pavement in between.  We can’t leave our bins out front for the bin men as it blocks the path for pedestrians.  We’ve lived here 2 years and every fortnight the bin men go through the back gardens to collect our bins and put them back.  I say put them back but they leave them in the garden at the end of the terrace.  Four weeks ago they stopped collecting our bin.  Why?

I would like to refer you to my post about Taking your shoes off.  It’s about dog poop, in our town and in our neighbours garden.   Being on maternity and at home I happened to catch the bin men on the street, emptying the end terraces bin.  I asked them why they weren’t collecting the bins in the middle of our terrace.  Can you guess where this is going?

They refuse to walk through our neighbours garden because of the sheer amount of dog do in their garden.  Flabbergasted I must have looked because the man said, “we’ve had a letter sent to tell them about it”.  What about the letter to us to tell us why our bin hasn’t been emptied!!???  Do you know what the most annoying thing about this is, our neighbours bin is getting emptied!  It’s at the edge where the bin men can get it without standing in their dog muck!  We’ve reported it to the council, we’re still waiting for a re-collection.

clean up the poop Meanwhile, we had a quiet word with our neighbour.  Possibly not at the right time as they were rather defensive about it.  They were adamant that they had never received a letter, no way to prove this, we can only assume that it is stuck in some bureaucratic mail loop hole somewhere (I love the council).   Progress though, two days later the poop was picked up, for how long who knows.

We have a months worth of rubbish stacked up now and our collection is tomorrow.  Our spare bag is going in the neighbours bin in the dark of night and we will wheel our bin round to stand next to the neighbours.  We will get our bin emptied tomorrow.  The Robot and I will watch for the van at the window, and we will make sure they do it, even if I have to go outside in pyjamas with cups of tea for them!

Can you handle the anticipation?  What do you think will it be emptied?   I’ll let you know tomorrow!


    1. isntitpretty

      Thanks hun! It wouldn’t be so bad if the we’d been told why they weren’t collected rather than us having to chase them up. It was an off chance we found out because we saw the bin men! We reported a miss collection and they never came back. #sigh!

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