I’ve got many memories of Bexhill-on-Sea throughout my life.  It is the family home of my Dad and even though I didn’t grow up there we visited family often when we were children.  Less so in our adult lives but since my Dad has migrated back to his home town the option to visit more with our little family is there.

The Robot and I did just this, it’s not close by at all, we took the 7 hour 5 changes of train together for a mini break.  I’ve already written about our fun day out in Hastings and today I figured I’d catch up and write about our day out together in Bexhill.

My Dad had to work so it was just the two of us left to entertain ourselves.  A nice and windy day meant that we could spend pretty much all of it outdoors.   We started in Edgerton Park.

The Park itself is huge, with a boating lake and ample play parks for all ages it’s a must visit if you’re down this way.  The Robot was a little bit too small for the bigger kids park but alas he migrated to it first anyway.  This hamster wheel is pretty extreme and it’s not until a heavy weight like me gets on it that it started to move.  Quick Robot run…

robot stood in a human hamster wheel at thepark

The little kid park is definitely safer.  A brilliant sand pit (really nice sand) and plenty of things to dig with and play on.  It surprised me being a Friday how busy it was.   We entertained ourselves for a while here.

The park also has some interesting sculptures dotted around, they were too cute not to take pictures of.  The little dinosaur was my favourite.  The Robot kept stroking it saying awww.

little carved dinosaur poking out of an egg

robot sat inside a carved dinosaur egg

robot stood on a lilly pad of a wooden carved frog

My favourite part of the park is the living tunnels though, and my tunnel obsessed, train loving son loved them too.  Running in and out of the tunnels, getting lost, hiding from me and generally having fun.  It was hard to take a picture of them because they just looked like bushes but I hope this shows what I mean.

a living tunnel and robot is stood at the entrance about to run in to it It took us a while to get out of the park, several snack stops, walking on walls and eventually having to bribe him with the idea of lunch.  There is a cafe in the park but I wanted to head into Bexhill town to try out something else.

I knew we were having fish and chips with my Dad later on so we opted to eat Pizza.  I definitely overestimated our appetite and ended up taking a box of pizza home.  It was delicious though.  With a full tummy and very little energy I carried the Robot back to my Dads flat for a cuppa tea and a rest at home.  It is a holiday for me at the end of the day too!

With the beach so close by we decided to head back out on to the seafront to go and buy that ever promised ice cream.  With a 5 minute walk to get said ice cream I’d definitely be eating it everyday.   However with a toddler in tow these plans do go amok!

It took us about 40 minutes to walk those 5 minutes.  The seafront is great, not only do you have the beautiful stone beach, the front has stretches of sensory gardens which is what we got lost in.  They are only small but for a toddler they’re huge.  Lots of fun hiding and screaming.

Robot sat eating a biscuit watching the sea

We eventually got our ice cream which I’m a big mean Mum and only ever share with him.  So while I started it I made him run to me to get to a bench out of the wind.  I dutifully passed it over so he could lick away to his heart’s content.  Learning to share is a beautiful thing.

The stoney beach called to us after this and we played at the top of the beach to get back home again. A really good solo day out that ended with a trip out to get Fish and Chips.

We only spent 2 days down in Bexhill on this break, sometimes that is more than enough, but with a toddler and one on the way I am pretty sure that we will want to go and visit again soon!


  1. Woah that is a long old journey to get there! Well done for doing it solo with a toddler. That park looks and sounds pretty amazing, I don’t think I would ever get my two out of it, even with pizza as a bribe. The days of minute walks are definitely long gone aren’t they?! Sounds like a lovely mini break lovey #familyfun xx
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