The Beginning of Us – Extended Version

Last week I was featured in What The RedHead Saids  The Beginning of Us Series.  A series that looks at how two people got together.  It’s inspired me to do a three post spin off of The Beginning of Us.  Today we are looking at the beginning of Us – Extended version.  The things that keep us together!

The Beginning of Us – Extended Version

One thing that is true is that together Dave and I are doers.  We get stuff done, we go do stuff.  Together we convince each other to get out the house.  The first couple of years of our relationship we met up on evenings and weekends.  We’d go camping, cycling and walking.  Summer months were always the best, we’d go for walks, anywhere and everywhere.  We’ve pounded many pavement.

We’ve been to some amazing places together and lots of adventures.  Our holidays are normally bespoke, planned and executed by us. We did go on one package holiday to Gran Canaria but even then we headed off into the hills for walks. It was here I did my first hitch hike!

I say together we are doers, without him I would be lost.  He encourages me to do more. He keeps me grounded. He motivates me to go on our crazy adventures.  I don’t think I’ll have done half the stuff we’ve done without him.

After a couple of years meeting up whenever we could, we decided to move in with each other.  We rented for another couple of years but frustrated with paying someone elses mortgage we bought our own house in 2014.  This meant a move of towns for us.  We haven’t gone that far from where we found each other but it’s a new area for us to explore.

This isn’t a massively extended version. I wanted to show you some pictures and have the opportunity to give a further shout out to the man in my life. My rock. The father of my child. My +1.

Thanks for reading. Tomorrow I’ll bring you The Beginning of You.

I hope you will come back to see what it’s about?  Have you got a special man in your life?  How long have you been together?



  1. This is lovely! I love to go on adventures too but am a bit of a sun worshipper so prefer my adventures to occur 1000 miles south of the UK!! Love to hike, bike and explore new places. Enjoy reading about your adventures in the UK. You are much braver with the weather than I am x
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