Battling Through It #abc123challenge

It’s been half term this week where we live.  I can’t say it’s been easy but we’ve got to the other side of it!  It’s the weekend and I have Dave at home who makes everything seem okay again!  Taking away a stay at home Mums play groups for a whole week is like a form of torture, add in slightly bad weather and young baby to mess with your sleep and it drags!  When I write up all the happy bits from the week I normally keep adding to them daily incase I forget them.  Monday through to Thursday I didn’t touch it, clearly wasn’t feeling the happy.

So I have battled through a miserable February half term and survived. It’s not been all bad though, read on to my happy bits to find out why.

Happy Days

A moment to look back at all the wonderful things that happen in our week. Let’s be grateful:

– Dave’s parents visiting. It’s always nice to see them and especially great that the weather cleared enough for us to go on a really nice walk.  Finding these funny old sheep was a highlight!

Daves parents with the Robot looking at some sheep

– Having time to tidy up my sewing space while the Robot played play doh.  It was a good project!

– Spending Sunday afternoon with my Mum… Very grateful for a bit of toddler entertainment.

– Dave buying a new microwave that replaces the old one which broke down just as he got the new one home!

– Taking part in my first swap.  I received this beautiful storage bag and goodies from @jenniferjacksondolls.  The theme was about send a little love and was the perfect pick me up for the week!

A bundle of sewing goodies, sweets and love based fun

– My Mum appeared at my door with some cakes for me on valentine’s day.

– Dave remembered valentines day 2 days early, he was a little gutted about getting the day wrong but it meant I could actually repay the favour with a beer.

– Having spent a lot of time in the house. I am very grateful for my sofa and it’s never ending possibilities of slides, dens and spring boards!

Rbot sliding on a sofa cushion

– The best bit of the week by far though is our visit to Brokholes Nature Reserve on Friday with our friends. It was sunny! They had a Stick Man event on and our lovely adventurous two year olds enjoyed the whole thing, getting muddy, collecting sticks, making toys. The final adventure for the Robot though was finding this tractor in the play park:

robot sat on a carved wooden tractor

Happy B Links

The last few weeks I’ve chosen things I’ve loved and wanted from around the web.  This week however I thought I’d change it up a bit and share some of my favourite letter B’s from the #ABC123Challenge.

Be for beginnings, B for brother, b for baking, b for bitty hair!

From top left to bottom right:  Correne and her Beginnings, Hayley; her Brother love and also her Baking and lastly Teri and that baby hair!  Go and check this out.

Hope you had fun with my letter A colour chart last week?   I know some of my readers don’t venture on to Instagram so I figured I would give you last weeks colours… Alizarin, Amaranth, Amber, Amethyst, Apricot, Aquamarine, Asparagus, Auburn, Azure

There are a lot more B’s to be had this week:

Well that is all for my round up post this week… We’re taking the Robot on a swimming lesson and hopefully visiting some show drops… Not sure what else is planned but I am sure it’s going to be a great lead into next week.  Have a good one x


  1. Haha love that he got the wrong day for Valentine’s Day! Sounds like you had a busy week 🙂 I’m quite glad it’s over! Jude struggled a great deal but we made the best of our time together as a family. A xx #familyfunlinky
    Alice Soule recently posted…Mess!My Profile

  2. That looks like a great sofa for pretend play! It’s amazing how imaginative kids can be with some cushions! February half term can be a challenge can’t it? The weather can make exploring outside a punishment rather than a pleasure! #familyfunlinky

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