Bath Time Poo – Etiquette for Parents

This was going to be a blog post about all the things the Robot loves about bath time.  This kid really loves bath time!  Anything water related and he’s all there with bells and whistles on.   We’ve hit a little stumbling block though, he keeps pooing in the bath!

Not every night thankfully but we can count the times on more than one hand now.   How on earth do you deal with this situation calmly!  You just can’t, but tips on how we deal with it will follow after I honour my initial blog post…


The gosh darn plug.  We had to remove the chain because he used to pull it out all the time.  His pincer grip is getting so good that he can get it out without it now.  We have to push it in do hard that we can’t get it out sometimes, this suits the Robot though as it means he can stay in it!  Dare we remove the plug and not give it to him to play with, all hell breaks loose!


Robot playing with the bath plug


The anticipation is unbearable, he’ll hang on the side of the bath reaching for the water.  He can now get his hand under the cold tap while it’s running, causing a big splash.  Try and remove his clothes at your peril.

Robot stood up against the bath in a nappy and red t-shirt


Sorry I have no picture for you on this one but picture the scene… SPLASH SPLASH SPLASH!  Water everywhere!



Nothing in reach of the bath is safe, the shampoo lives on the window sill, not at bath time! Shampoo bottles are to be played with, lids are to be opened, contents ruined…   The toys live happily on the window sill too they really are just another chew toy, these poor fish.   The duck looks so sad with his drawn on eyebrows.

Bath toys in the bath - green duck - yellow fish - red fish

No Mother, No Father!  I do not wish to get out of the bath.  I will protest, I will kick and scream, and cry, and cry.  I will not make the end of bath time a pleasant experience for you.   Bath time is just that great.

A cartoon monster is splashing in the sea with a grin

I’ve made you read this far and this is why you really came…


  1. PRAY – Pray it doesn’t happen on your watch!  (So far it’s been in dual parenting mode)
  2. NOTICE – Yep, he doesn’t do his poo face in the bath.  Notice the brown stuff happening…
  3. PANIC!!! – He’s done a poo, he’s done a poo!!!
  4. GRAB – The child, not the poo!
  5. DEBATE – Ok there is never any debate, I hold the child.  Dave has to clean the poo away.
  6. GAG – All me – I change nappies all day long, a floating poo just makes me gag!
  7. ASSESS – Hard poo, runny poo what to do??
  8. HARD POO – Wet wipe grab & flush
  9. RUNNY POO – Let the water run down
  10. SHOWER – Get the shower on
  11. WAVE – Yes make the child wave good bye!
  12. PLACE – Put the child in the bath
  13. SHOWER – Again, rinse the child off
  14. DARN IT – The Kid loves the shower too now
  15. SWEEP – have a quick check that the grown ups are clean
  16. BATTLE – The child out of the bath again.
  17. DRINK – Wine not tea
  18. FORGET
  20. AND NEXT

Have I missed anything?









  1. I am SOOO glad that poop hasn’t happened in the bath for us YET, but it has for a close friend of mine on several occassions! I don’t think there’s an easy way to deal with it but I would contemplate a strong/forceful shower… you know the ones where you feel like your skin may rip off. I’m sure that’d help and be totally worth it. Or a power hose. Haha!! #triballove
    Kelly Edwards recently posted…Life without a phoneMy Profile

  2. Oh how funny! My son only poo’d on the bath once but it was epic! Now he’s 4 years old and I have to convince him to get in which can be met with refusal and then fight him to get out! It drives me mad! Thanks for joining the #weekendblogshare

  3. I find bath time literally back breaking, if my lower lumbar isn’t screaming with pain then my knees are slowly turning arthritic from the wet puddles on the floor. I’m not a fan….luckily my husband loves the whole routine so he gets first dibs. I’m good like that. Thank you for linking with me for #effitfriday! Oh, and pellet poos are the worst….

    1. isntitpretty

      He he, it’s more of a smear at the minute! I pretend to wash up when it’s bath time so I get out of the whole bath time. I imagine it’ll be more hard work when he is walking!

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