Baby Wearing – My New Bag!

Baby Wearing – My New Bag!

Ever since the Robot was 3 days old I’ve carried him, in slings, wraps, carriers, buckles, whatever you want to call them I’ve done it.  I love the closeness of baby wearing and the bond we’ve shared.

This post is a sort of carry on from my baby wearing journey. I’m a one wrap kinda person so from 6 months all I’ve Robot on Karens backused with the Robot is my FiSpi woven wrap.  I love it, it has given me the flexibility I need as the Robot has grown.

About a year ago I joined Morecambe Bay Sling Library as a volunteer. So much wealth of knowledge and such variety of choice to play with. No one person has the right answer to the perfect sling, its personal choice and the best advice I can give is to come and try stuff out, what works for one might not work for others.

What I do know is that wearing your baby forms a secure attachment between parent and child like no other, one that’s far from clingy or detrimental to a child’s growth.  I had this confirmed to me the other day when I bumped into my one of my breast-feeding support workers who was watching the Robot play and generally being himself, leaving me behind and running out the door without a thought for me.  She was in awe of the fact that I had carried him close from an early age and quite clearly hasn’t taken away the ability to be independent and carefree.  #Priceless.  (couldn’t resist a hashtag)

Over the past 6 months I’ve carried the Robot less and less. Yup, I’ve been growing his sibling.  Let’s face it though, he’ll happily walk for miles.  With the aid of a quick up and down thrown in its great for us as a family…

The prospect of starting the baby carrying journey again excites me especially since I have access to Morecambe Bay Slings stash too! Newborn cuddles all round.

One thing I really wanted this time though was a better bag. One that will work with baby carrying and be comfy to use.  Here is where a lot of studying others and research into what works plays a part.  Wide adjustable strap, big compartment, pockets, zips. Quality too.

By no means am I an experienced sewer so what I wanted to make could have gone horribly wrong.  I watched a few, several YouTube videos on different sewing techniques and jumped straight in. Here’s the finished bag in tree hanging glory:

Lilac and purple baby wearing bag hanging on a tree.
I used 3 colours of fabric by designer Wayne Hemingway, I’d initially thought I’d go for something orange but came out the shop with purples. I’m a total sucker for the colour purple, even though I think orange is my favourite colour!

Inside is lined with the same fabric and I’ve put in a zipped pocket and a water bottle holder so it stays upright.  I may regret not putting in any extra compartments but time will tell!

Purple and blue babywearingbag closer look at whole bag with pocket on the side

My new-found love of quilting meant I wanted to incorporate this into the design. I spent a few weeks working the outside panels into hand sewn hexie quiltiness.  I love the overall effect of these against the rest of the fabric.

Zoomed in on the hexagon shaped material quilted together on side panel of the bag

I’m totally happy with the overall finish and I can’t wait to try it out while carrying an actual child in the open air.  At the moment it’s comfy, light and fits well. I’m beyond impressed with my actual finish too as it doesn’t feel home-made like other things I’ve made in the past.

The testing will be when I cram it with all the parenting paraphernalia that is deemed necessary while carting round a baby and toddler.  I’m sure it’ll go well!

Baby wearing bag on myself
Still with bump at 41 weeks pregnant, nope not the best angle of the bump… but look at the bag!!

Two things that are niggling me is its size and colour. I’m worried it’s too small and too light in colour.  I don’t imagine that it’ll stay this clean for very long.  Mud happens with the Robot around.

As for size only time will tell. I could always make another bigger one in a darker colour when I have a spare minute (pah ha ha ha). What’s your experience with bags and baby wearing?  I used to swear by the humble back pack until I started back carrying the Robot.  What about you?





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