Baby Toy Carrier

Baby Toy Carrier

It’s been something that I’ve wanted to make the Robot for so long now.  As an avid baby wearer I always carried the Robot and now he can walk he often wants to copy what he sees around him.

His Mummy carrying his baby sister!  It took me a while to make even though in hindsight it was pretty easy.  The straps clip back round on the front.  Mainly after I made it like this in error. It works though, look:

baby toy carrier on Robot hes looking into space

The fabric choices hopefully appeal to the Robot as, red and blue, who could go wrong with that!?  I used a strip of transport fabric which is good for spotting with but also a strip of hexie flowers that I made back in November as part of my first ever sew along.

These are special to me because baby CABS was born during the two weeks the sew along was on!  I’ve also made lots of fun new Quilty friends since then!

One last shot of the Robot showing off his new toy:

baby toy carrier on Robot - hes got his hands up in the air

The fact he wants to carry his toys rather than putting them in a buggy shows how we can influence our little people more than we realise!  Not many kids I know actually want to have a baby toy carrier!!

What lengths have you gone too to make something for your little people?



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