Baby led weaning

Aka I don’t know what I’m doing, let’s just roll with it!

I tried making some different purées the day before I started Robot on food. It was such a faff and he didn’t eat any of it!  Very demoralising and I can see why people turn to shop jars and or pouches.

24 hours later and a little bit of research and a little bit of courage I decided to go for the baby led approach.  Not looking back…

Holding on tight and tready to go

2 weeks on and Robot has tried most my food off my plate.  It is brilliant to watch him get more skill full picking up bits off food himself and shovelling a spoon into his mouth (the wrong way round mostly!).

I’ve made rusks and cheese straws (We grown ups ate most of these!) and all my meals that I make come with a, hmmm how will Robot eat this, or how can we make it easier for him?

Robot has eaten sticks of fruit and veg galore, some raw, some cooked, some roasted.  Eaten? Well munched on, no teeth makes it difficult to bite but a good old chew is bound to work right!  Tuna sandwiches are a hit, and cucumber with humus on.   We’ve tried, pasta and sauce, beans on toast, a risky madras (with plenty of yoghurt!).  Porridge is still an ongoing try, I think he likes it but he needs to eat it!

Oh the mess!  I’ve taken to stripping him down before meals to minimise the washing, bibs with long arms are also good but I need more than 4 as I can keep up with meals!

A bit of an intro post to the world of weaning The Robot, I hope to bring you some of his meal plans and ideas in future posts.

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