Baby Led Weaning – Our story two months on

We have come a long way since baby led weaning.  Now two months in to feeding we’ve made real progress. Although I have doubted myself on many occasions, especially last week when my little Robot was ill and didn’t touch a thing for two days except milk. This played havoc with my milk supply, one leaky mummy!

The best thing about feeding this way is the Grandparents are totally impressed with his eating ability and what he is eating.

Roll over purées, this little dude has skills!  Techniques such as the shovel and scoop into mouth are marvellous, this morning he was even practising this with thin air. The pincer grip, he isn’t picking up peas yet but can pick up most things off his tray. The spoon feeder, the coordination that has to go into getting spoon into mouth must be immense for a baby, doing this with little mess.  The face plant, as it says on the tin, face plants the tray to eat bits.

Shovel and scope in action
Shovel and scope in action

It’s not for the faint hearted, it’s messy, very messy. You have to embrace the mess or you’ll have a nervous breakdown, I relapse from time to time when Robot has his bib over his head, red sauce and yoghurt everywhere, rice squished in every orifice possible too.

We have a rhythm going now, we don’t change pjs till after breakfast, if he miraculously stays clean we stay in pjs till after lunch and so on till tea time, only managed this once! Don’t judge me on the lack of changing, baby’s are meant to be in baby grows anyway!!

I’ll touch briefly on choking and gagging. Robot has never choked, plenty of gagging but he just seems to cope and spit it out. We’ve caught this on camera:

We really couldn’t have done this without Gill Rapley, her books have given us the confidence to know what it is what we’re doing.  We know how to cook but the cook book has been useful to come up with some different ideas.

baby toddler me has a brilliant interview with Tracey Murkett about baby led weaning.  It’s well worth a listen if your unsure.

So far I’ve just been happy that food is being consumed, it’s time to pay attention to the food groups a little! I’ll let you know how we get on.

I’ll also be taking a look at salt in the coming week.  When we started feeding the Robot we cut out adding salt while cooking, but I know that there is a lot of hidden salt in foods.  I try not to worry about it, he is eating so little at the moment and we always vary our meals so that some days he may have little, some days a lot.  It will balance it out over the week.  It is national Salt awareness week coming up so it might be an interesting research project for me!

If you’re just starting out on weaning, I would totally recommend doing this, its marvellous.


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