My Baby CABS is Six Months Old #abc123challenge

Yes you heard right, Baby CABS is Six Months Old!! She’s slotted into Two Tiny life like a breeze to the point where I can’t remember a time she wasn’t here. From the moment she was born she has been perfect and is my content little soul.

a very squishy new born baby
You need a squished baby photo here!

Her personality is very similar to the Robots and she adores him. Her head follows him round the room, she goes nuts bouncing and kicking when she sees him. She shouts at him when she’s being ignored, she shouts at me when she’s being ignored! It’s a good shout though.

Strangers get cried at when I’m not near. Her adorable little pouty lip comes out with a wobble when she doesn’t know you. If you’ve seen the lip wobble it is a cute one! I like to think she will be a Daddies girl but for now she’s mine!

We’re baby led weaning again this time round and she’s taking to eating like a pro. My instincts to trust in her gag reflex are stronger this time round and she just eats whatever we do. Always worth trying.

CABs eating chilli

Second baby syndrome is definitely kicking in. I don’t follow milestone charts or know if she’s doing what she’s meant to be doing all I know is that like the Robot, baby CABS will get there! That being said we have weighed her and she’s copying the Robot in weight patterns.

My beautiful angel is sleeping on me at the moment while I type through a middle of the night feed. We don’t plan on having any more children and I try my hardest to live every point in the day appreciating what I have because this six months has flown by.

I’m looking forward to our first summer together xxx

Baby CABS looking not so baby stood in the orchard

The Happy Bits

A moment to reflect on all the positive things in the week gone by.

– We went to Carlisle on the train (no Dave) to meet up with Katie from Squirmy Popple. I met her at BlogOn last year but this time we met her daughter too. Her and the Robot are the same age so it was great to meet them. We played at the park, ate lunch and did soft play. A very good day out!

– Dave and I are still trying to do some weekend exercise. I managed an 8 mile bike ride and felt great after.

– My etsy shop got its 1st sale! I’ve launched a new product for May with 50% off so do go and check it out!

Two Letter prints M & L painted in watercolour

– The Robot had a friend round to play all of Monday. It’s the first time I’ve had someone else’s kid round without a parent and it’s safe to say it went ok!  They had fun and I was glad of the rest after.

– We got to see my Mum a couple of times this week and it was really nice. We took the Robot to buy ice cream and let him round wild around the orchard!

– The Robot is booked into nursery in September now and I’m hearing great reviews. We’ve started trying out the play group that’s attached and they’re doing a forest school inspired session next week. I’m excited!

– Dave had the Robot for a morning on Thursday, they of course went on a Diesel engine, I got to hang out with CABS at the sling library.

– We are tentatively starting potty training, the Robot has shown interest in it but not enough to fully start! I’m not ready!!

It’s been a good week I’m feeling positive having just written this. I guess this is the point to the exercise! Dave is working the next two days so I’m still trying to work out what to do with the kids all weekend! I’m sure we will think of something!

I’ll leave you with a baby CABS picture:

baby cabs in a stripe baby grown inserted in a squishy bean bag


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