B is for Balloon Painting

We discovered a strange occurrence last year. Balloons!  Every sugar and cake filled toddlers idea of a good time.  Birthday parties for 3 years old are simple.  Put balloons in an empty room.  Put 2 and 3 year olds in said room… shut door and run away!

Well not the run away part but a little bit of un-supervisation goes a long way.  Kids love them.  Literally go nuts!  Squeals of excitement.

Then you hear the bang of the first balloon popping.  As a grown up you wait to hear for subsequent cries from hopefully not your toddler.  Pray it’s not your kid afraid of balloons and ruining parties for ever more… silence, then more squealing.  We all lucked out!

The Robot has discovered the awesomeness of balloons.  Me being me have decided to build on this with a bit of balloon play back home.

Balloon Painting

I often cringe at getting the paints out at home but in the spirit of the challenge I decided to embrace it.  I put down the wipe clean mat, a layer of cardboard and got a load of sheets of paper out.  The paint tray followed by the paints.  As my tray as space for 3 colours I let the Robot choose the colours.  Green, his favourite.  Red and Yellow.  Then the balloons.  Cue the excitement!  He does love them after all…  I blew them up fairly small and positioned them with a “don’t touch them yet, Mummy needs to take a picture.”   To be fair to him he listened!

Paint tray, balloons and paper on a wipe clean mat

Then we could begin.  I showed him the plan first because we’d never tried it before he was desperate to get the paint brushes out.  When he realised what I was doing he picked the green (his favourite) balloon and dipped it in ALL the paint.  I let him roll with it and it but then encouraged him to do more.

Robot using the baloon to paint with

Doing more ended up with some good noises of squelch because if you do it fast and dabble it makes a kind of suction noise.  Pretty cool if you’re a toddler.

all the squidged paint

It was really good way of mixing paint.  With a paint brush it tends to become a brown mess but with the balloons the colours kinda kept to the colours as they are intended.  This isn’t an activity for the clean freak amongst us though because you definitely get it everywhere!

Paint and balloons on paper, red yellow and green all being mixed up

After a while I got the paint brushes out for the Robot to play with while I washed the balloons, he likes to do hand printing too so just let him give it a go himself.  He does like a good splurge so I figured it wouldn’t hurt.   While I left him unattended he got bored, typical toddler behaviour, a quick tidy up and wipe, aka chuck it in the sink and attack the Robot with a cloth.  A good little activity and here is the result:

5 pieces of paper with lots of different splurges or red yellow and green

Once the Robot was safely clean and the various bits of furniture he’d touched were wiped down I tidied up all the paint stuff in the kitchen and dried the balloons.  Surprisingly they didn’t pop so we set to playing a bit of balloon tennis with them around the living room, this amused baby CABS no end watching us run round like loonies!

I saw paint balloon popping activity over on pinterest that I would love to try out in the Summer with the Robot.  Are there any other activities you can think of using the most humble balloon?

The letter B on a Blue dice for the abc123challenge


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