Antics of My 9 Month Old

The Robot is off!  He can commando crawl. He can get anywhere he wants, as long as it’s on the floor. It’s quite incredible really. I love watching him get to his target of choice, usually wires, and then swooping in to pick him up to put him somewhere else! I bet this is beyond frustrating for him! I’ve been capturing him in some interesting places…

Pulling the washing over
Pulling the washing over…
Making it to the washing machine
Making it through rooms to the washing machine
Eating Mummys slipper
Eating Mummys slipper
pulling wires
Pulling at the laptop wires, then crying because I told him off
grapes off the worktop
Eating a whole bunch of grapes off the worktop
pulling at the fire guard
Pulling at the fire guard
I left the fire guard till last because although it is guarding it isn’t fastened to the wall yet. Moments later it ends up on top of him. Cue hysterical tears. I resisted the urge to take a photo and rescue him! Good Mummy and an unscathed but shocked Robot!

I knew he was going to get mobile but I think I’m a little unprepared for the sheer amount of disasters he is going to cause!

Please my Mummy and blogger friends, give me some tips or moral support on how to cope with this new phase/era?



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  1. Oh bless, I can totally remember those days, as my daughter had the same commando crawl! its when you walk back into the room to find the child almost reaching the forbidden objects (mainly wires) or they are nowhere to be daughter at 10 moths was in the corner of the room, by all the beanbags! scary then funny! thanks for sharing #Chucklemums

  2. Oh my, you’ve been truly blessed – we went through this when he was a mere SIX MONTHS OLD and it has been hellish ever since (I did a post back then about the perils of mobile babies… but no tips I’m afraid!).

    I’m sure him and L could cause a lot of trouble together!

    Absolutely love the photo of him throwing a paddy – that’s a keeper for sure. I’m such a meanie aren’t I? And we have the same fireguard as you, it’s fixed to the wall but he likes to climb up it and rattle it. Prepare for that fun stage! My toddler even ended up on top of it once or twice.

    Thank you for sharing with us! #Chucklemums
    Fran @ Whinge Whinge Wine recently posted…Two small ones: the perfect age gap?My Profile

    1. isntitpretty

      He he! We really do need to secure the guard better if climbing on it is an option!! I just got back from a play group, he attacked another baby! Uh oh!! I will be that mother rocking in the corner!!

  3. Oh that is a challenging stage! We moved everything we could higher up (sadly we’re now at the stage though that there is nothing in our front room that is unreachable) which helped and we have a stairgate on the door of the lounge (our most child-safe room) which helped. Why is it though that they always make a beeline for the things that they really shouldn’t be going near?! Good luck!
    Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love) recently posted…Siblings – April 2016My Profile

  4. Well done Robot on learning to crawl! I hope the baby proofing of the house is going well? We are so nearly at this stage, I think only a couple of days away – eek! I am not ready for this, but like you saw in awe of how quickly they suddenly pick up a new skill. I’ll be reading the comments to see any tricks on baby proofing and how to cope with them suddenly crawling. Claire x

    1. isntitpretty

      We’ve not done anymore baby proofing yet! I think we will just keep moving stuff out of reach! I said that he’ll be off soon for months because he’s been so good on his tummy!

  5. Ah Pie was a super fast commando crawly and he had stealth powers too, one minute he was next to you next there would either be a crash or I would be searching our flat for him! Tips? Raise everything 2ft off the ground! Most people suggest you get down to his level, so slide about on your belly and see if you can spot stuff that might be dangerous (please post a picture of this !) Thanks for linking up hun #PuddingLove

    1. isntitpretty

      The trouble is if I do get down that low it’s kinda scary how much is potentially dangerous! We’ve such a small house it would be hard to hide it all! Fingers crossed we can get through it!!

  6. I remember the fear when mine first got mobile!h To be honest, whilst we tried to put as much out of their way as possible, we mostly relied on telling them no and distracting them and it seemed to do the job. Also, we popped the travel cot up in the living room so that if I needed to nip to the loo, I could do without worrying about where they were. Good luck 😉

  7. Our lounge has gradually become emptier and emptier. We are going for the ‘minimal’ look now. Toys are simply not as fun as cables and ornaments (and the fired guard is a favourite in our place too). No great tips, except to say they grow taller very quickly – what was out of reach yesterday seems to be within perfect reach today!

  8. I thought I’d commented on this before but it appears not! Checking it out after #tribalchat, I love it. He’s so adorable!! I have got this to look forward to, TM is rolling now so I’ve had to start being a lot more careful about where he lays and what he’s near haha. Ellen xx

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  10. The Tale of Mummyhood

    I totally get this, my eldest is nearly one and is exactly the same. Only now she can climb its ten times worse! I really do need eyes in the back of my head!


  11. Hahah oh no! I’m sorry I don’t have any advice, mine is 5 months old, but looks as if he is very keen to crawl, loooooves being on his belly and tries really hard to do it but ends up going round in circles lol. I’m excited for the next stage but a bit worried after reading your post! : ) Will definitely need to baby proof ASAP. : ) Thanks for sharing with #StayClassy!

  12. This is such a great age – I loved that 8-12 months mark- they start to show such personalities and curiosity! Its exhausting and scary I know but such great fun! You suddenly need stair gates and door guards and you have to put everything that matters up high out of reach lol – good luck and enjoy! #stayclassy

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