Antics of My 12 Month Old

The month before last I posted a blog about my 10 month old and all the “naughty” things he got up to.  It got such a great response that I’ve decided to continue on and tell you what he’s been up to as a newly turned one year old…

Firstly, I know he’s just a baby, he doesn’t know what he’s doing.  He’s just exploring, but it surprises me daily when the next thing happens.  No amount of baby proofing has prepared me!  With the summer time, we have been getting out the house a bit more too.  Mud eating and rock eating seems to be on the agenda.  Stairs too!  He can go up and down, my fist is in my mouth every time he does this, so speedy!

Let’s take a look back and see what he’s been doing in pictures:

Robot Sat in the garden splashing his hands in a puddle of mud
I will splash my hands in this plant pot water…

Robot holding up a rock in his hand with a puzzled look
Look a rock, I shall taste it next..

Robot sat in a kitchen cupboard looking out over his shoulder with a I know I shouldn't be doing this face.
I’m in the cupboard, have they noticed.

Robot stood on a box holding onto the outside of his cot, grin on face
Look my cot, how do I get in, lets climb!

Robot on his hands and knees next to torn up toilet roll
Toilet roll, tasty roll!

Robot laying face down on the bed with his bum in the air asleep
I’m tired, I will sleep on the bed with my bum in the air!
There you have it another month of fun antics from the Robot.  I know I’m probably getting off lightly.  Have you got any fun stories to share from your kids?  Prepare me for the worse if they are older!

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  1. I always thought you’d be better just to house proof your baby but there isn’t enough cotton wool in the world. Things have gotten a little bit easier for us since our lad got steadier on his feet and understood the word ‘no’… and the naughty spot
    Looking forward to future antics from your cutie.


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