Antics of my 10 Month Old

Last month I posted a blog about my 9 month old and all the “naughty” things he got up to. It got such a great response that I’ve decided to go jump up a month to tell you what he’s been up to as a 10 month old…

Firstly, I know he’s just a baby, he doesn’t know what he’s doing.  He’s just exploring, but it surprises me daily when the next thing happens.  No amount of baby proofing has prepared me!

With his 11 month birthday around the corner, let’s take a look back and see what he’s been doing.

Robot sat on grass pulling off his stripey socks
I never keep my socks on!
Robot Picking up Scissors
I find everything that I can’t have… mmm scissors
Robot on the stairs on the 2nd step
Look Mum, I can climb the stairs..
scattered toy box everywhere
Toy box, lets tip it over!
Robot lifting the toilet lid
Lid goes up, lid goes down.
Give me back your iPhone!
Give me back your iPhone!

Thanks for taking a look, I’m always keen to know your trials and tribulations too? Please share them with me or just give me advice!!

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