Action Stations #ABC123Challenge

The Letter A has weaved its way through my week, I certainly feel that it’s all been go go go!  Full on Action Stations!  It’s been fun seeing what letter A’s have been used from everyone taking part in the #ABC123Challenge.  I’ll mention more on this on Monday when we start a new week.  If you haven’t been taking part in the challenge then go and take a look at the hashtag over on Instagram… click here: #ABC123Challenge : Give some love and comments to a few pictures!!

Happy Days

A little look back at all the happy moments from my week, a perfect chance to be grateful for my lot…

– Spending a lovely afternoon with friends at a Birthday party.  The kids had fun but think the grown ups had fun too.

– Winning Instagram competitions.  1st from Maria (@Stitchy.Stitchy) and her #payitforward prize followed swiftly by a win from @emmasfabricstudio of some Christmas Fabric.

– We got to explore out in some actual sun.  It was nice just to be out beside the river and spend some time as a family.  We didn’t get far but it was worth it.

– It’s not often Dave and I get some time to chat but we got a rare evening of listening to music, having a little drink and just being as one.

– A long soak in the bath.

– Visiting the farm with the Robot and CABS, remembering to take a flask of tea.  It makes the trip less dull with a cuppa!

– Snow! It’s pretty but I hate it here, it just goes slushy and horrible quickly.  I invited the Robots friend round to play and we kicked them into the back garden.  It was funny watching them from the window.  The CABS was very amused by this hammer:

cabs holding a hammer and just staring it

– New play groups!  We took the Robot to a couple of new play groups this week, it made such a change to the really mundane one that we normally take him too.

– After a lovely birthday meal out with friends the Robot, CABS and I had fun wasting time in town while we waited to catch a train.

– Unexpected Robot free sling library visit.  For those of you that don’t know I volunteer at our local sling library.  I normally have to take both kids.  Dave had a job cancelled so he looked after the Robot while I got to eat cake without having to share.

– Funny laughing fits.  As a bit of entertainment the Robot and I got into some silly laughing fits, about nothing in particular but we did enjoy us both trying to wear this frog hat that ended up on baby CABS.  She didn’t seem as amused as us.

cabs with a frog hat on her headI’m sure I’ve missed something but hey ho, that’s the way it rolls!

Happy Links

Things I’ve found during my week that have inspired me or delighted me. From things I want to things I’d like to do.

A : sewstitchinghappy shared these really cute Cosmo Textile animal fabrics on her instagram feed aren’t the cute!

B :  I really love these brooches from Nicola Brannagan.  So detailed!

C : I see Cotton and Steel fabric all over my feed but these Paper Cut Collections from @rashida_coleman_hale are delightful. photo from The Fabric Fox

D: I shared some Kokka fabric last week but I’m in love again with this.

Because colours are pretty amazing, here are a whole load of colours beginning with the letter A:

block of tiles
head to my instagram feed to find out the colours!

I hope you’ve had a brilliant week. I am going to have a sit and finish fixing my jeans!  Lots of Grandparent fun for the weekend ahead… Have a good one!

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